Important Innovation in Network Technology – Virtualization

Virtualization means creating something virtual or computer-generated instead of actual thing. This technology is now being used widely throughout the world because of its advantages. It is mainly used in organizations in IT department to save the cost of buying hardware like monitors, hard drives, RAMs etc. Hardware Virtualizationmeans to create a server with high ...
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Make Online Backup for Your Database

Online Backup has become very popular in recent few years because of its reliability and security. Although the hard drives and writeable disks have become cheap but the need of Online Backup is still increasing. This is mainly because of the reason that making backup online gives you features that cannot be availed while making ...
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What Are Windows Server Backup Softwares

Server operating system is system software specially designed to provide a platform for dealing with a large number of viewers or clients at the same time. Servers must be powerful enough to handle large amount of traffic to provide a quality platform for its users. There are special operating systems for servers that have the ...
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