Regional Foods

Best Japanese Dishes You Should Eat

Beguiling and unique, Japan is regarded as a country of binaries. Straddling both the traditional and ultra-modern, Japan has a strong cultural identity and is considered as an once-in-a-lifetime destination. Along with stunning natural landscapes, the Japanese cities are always buzzing and you can enjoy some deliciously fresh cuisine at this East Asian island. Japanese ...
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Dulce de Leche – An Argentine Treat

“Dulce de leche” (“Candy of Milk”) is simply milk and sugar, cooked until a brownish sweet pasted is formed. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding its origin. But history says that dulce the leche was born on July 17 of 1829 in Argentina, where it’s considered a national treasure. According to the legend, General Lavalle ...
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Foods and Cooking

Eating in Argentina

People from Argentina are known as avid eaters. Food is present in most social gatherings. An invitation to have dinner at home is a classic indication of friendship, and having lunch with your family on Sundays is a sacred tradition. In Argentina fresh full-flavored food reigns and meals seldom come from a frozen food case ...
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