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3 Do’s When Buying Playsuits

Commonly referred to as a romper or jumper, playsuits are a fun and comfortable fashion piece which joins the top and the bottom together to create one single article of clothing.  While they can look cute and endearing, almost all of us have witnessed romper-clad women that just didn’t look quite right.  Here are 3 ...
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The Best Clothes for Curvy Women

If you want to wear great clothes and look beautiful, it is no longer a prerequisite for being stick-thin. Whether you are petite or plus-sized, it is possible for you to use fashion for accentuating a curvaceous figure. By choosing flattering items and the right fit, you will be able to flaunt the natural curves ...
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Fashion and Style

The Top Choices for Winter Clothing

With the approach of winter, women are usually left scrambling in order to make sense of their overflowing closets. Winter clothing means having to bundle up, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable and trendy while doing so. Popular fashion trends aren’t just about shine and sparkle, it is possible to make casual ...
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Find the Secrets of the Trendy Plus Size Monif C. Black and White Collection

Monif C. always brings what is trendy and suitable for curvy women. Her Black and White collection is never disappointing, but it`s always fabulous, so curvy women who are fashion-lovers should not be worried at all – they always have what they actually need to look trendy and attractive. The Plus Size Black and White ...
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