Most Suitable Dresses for Traveling

Vacation-goers and business travelers alike should have wrinkle-resistant and easy-care clothing in order to fulfill their traveling needs. It can be a real challenge for women to shop for dresses that would work in these situations because they may need ironing or may need a special packing due to a delicate trim. However, dress makers ...
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Prom: The Dream

On a warm pleasant night in spring season, a stretch limo pulls up in the parking lot and girls and boys all dressed up in dresses and suits, corsages and hats, step out of the limousine. All senior year students, dressed up to look their glamorous selves walk towards the venue. It’s their prom night! ...
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Fashion and Style

How to Tone Down a Sequin Dress

Regarded as a show stopping outfit, a sequin dress is usually saved to be worn on special and important occasions. However, there are a lot of women out there who may feel a bit self- conscious because of the sparkling sequins on their dress. In this case, they will be happy to know that there ...
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