Some Very Useful Tips for Traveling to the Maldives

Just south of the Indian subcontinent, there is a chain of gorgeous islands known as the Maldives. In recent decades, traveling to the Maldives has become immensely popular because they offer you an unforgettable experience. The crystal blue waters of the island are just teeming with a variety of ocean life and there are white sandy beaches abutting the resorts…...
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Holiday Trip from Delhi to Dehradun to Mussoorie Can Be Amazing

If you are traveling to Dehradun on a holiday, it goes without saying that you must visit Mussoorie as well. You would find the experience very refreshing as what lacks in Dehradun is complemented by the blessings that Mussoorie has. Read on. Both, Dehradun and Mussoorie, are popular tourist places in India. Dehradun has long been known for its boarding…...
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Top Things to See and Do in the Maldives

Nothing screams paradise more than sun-kissed beaches, colorful fishes and reefs, luxurious hotels and resorts and the crystal clear turquoise sea. Who doesn’t want to experience that? This is probably the reason why Maldives is one of the top tourist destinations in the world as this country of 1000 island spells out a memorable island vacation for couples, honeymooners and…...
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