Business Shirts to Consider for Every Male Body Type

A recent survey done by Esquire Magazine indicates that around 23% of women find an average man bed-worthy by merely wearing a dress shirt appropriately. Most men have formal apparel for occasions, including business meetings, social gatherings, but some do not know which ones are fashionable and highly appropriate for the event.

Also, almost every Australian industry requires professionals to wear business shirts for the sake of comfort and professionalism. They are functional apparel to don yourself during formal events or even during a Friday night out. Though dress shirts are comfortable to wear, most men fall into the fashion victim side because of an inappropriately worn apparel.

Finding the Right Shirt Style

Though men’s shirts follow the same form and style, they come in a variety of designs which often becomes a criterion between looking good and being a fashion victim. A business or formal shirt is often needed during special occasions. It is something you would easily spot in a man’s closet.

There are several considerations when looking for the appropriate business or formal shirt. In general, men should consider their body type, the overall design, and the seams. The most important factor though is your body type because it lets you emphasize your best assets, including your build.

  • The Triangle – Men with larger waists and smaller upper bodies should buy shirts with bright colour panels. The detailing and pattern on the chest area help broaden the shoulders for a narrower appearance. This apparel can be combined with a single-breasted suit, structured shoulder jackets, and patterned blazers during formal events.
  • The Rectangle – Tall men with thin frames typically have a rectangular body shape. The most suitable dress shirt to wear is those with horizontal stripes, bright prints, and shirts with epaulette details. Men with a rectangle-shaped body can create a bulky appearance by layering their fashion style.
  • Inverted Triangle – Men with broader chests and shoulders and narrow waists should look for shirts with horizontal stripes, slim cotton polo, and slim fit shirts. The idea is to show off the fit body and draw the eye from the broadest region of your physique.
  • Oval-shaped Body – Men with an oval-shaped body have more full centres, bigger than their hips and shoulders. Wearing solid colours, especially business shirts, will dissimulate the bulgy areas. Wearing a dark single-breasted jacket always helps to taper your waist size.
  • The Trapezoid – A trapezoid body has the shoulders and collarbones as the broadest part of the man’s body. Shirts with vertical stripes or checks and plaids can add a horizontal bulk, so you look streamlined.

Where to Look for the Best Shirts According to Your Body Type

Looking for the appropriate business shirt can be a daunting experience, especially when you do not know what style you should consider. There are online stores, though, offering the best fitting shirts for everyone and based on your body type.

The important thing before buying is understanding your body shape, so you are aware of the right business shirt to purchase. Aside from that, don’t just settle for shirts just because they are fashionable and people are wearing them.

In today’s environment, where appearance speaks a thousand words, it is always crucial to look your best and make yourself presentable. A nice shirt does not only make you look good but also gives you the right confidence to face everyone.