If you want to experience the best of Idaho snow falling, Brundage Mountain is the place to go. In the winters this entire region is covered under the ice and looks like a white clad beautiful lady standing right in the middle of the state. This is a perfect place for those who are just learning to ski or those who are professional riders. The best thing about skiing terrains of this area is that they are designed with moderate difficulty that keeps both, the professionals and newbies, satisfied when they ski. It doesn’t have just one terrain but dozens of them for different styles of skiing. Some areas offer steeper skiing tracks while others are easy enough for a first timer to try. This is a fun place filled with all amenities and accommodations that a person would require on his trip to the mountain.

Best Things To Do And Visit At Brundage Mountain

First, this place is known as the best place for its snow in the state so for anyone who wants to do some mountain climbing, skiing and enjoy the beautiful white clad peaks, this is the right place to come. Of course, when you come in winters the best activity is to ski. There are many places where people can ski including the children for whom there are some bumpy tracks so they can have fun in their own unique style too. However, this place is also considered the best place for snow-cat skiing. There are different types of trips that you can book and if you want to have a great time with your friends and family only, there are private snow-cat trips as well.

It is always advised to the newbies to start skiing at the bear park and once they think they are good enough to take a few challenges, they can move on to the Rodeo Park. There are many programs and schools available for children and adults to get training on skiing as well. Once you know the art and are ready to do some skiing, go for Temptation, which is a 2 miles long run for you to enjoy the beautiful scenic views and do skiing freely. There are over 46 runs that have been named in the entire region and it’s just impossible to enjoy skiing at this park unless you have decided to visit it multiple times.

The mountains are alive and welcoming even in the summer time for all the visitors. Hiking is the best activity in the summer time, but it must be kept in mind that this is not an easy terrain. Only the professionals or people who think they can take the rough terrains should try this. People with faint hard should not try to hike these terrains at all. Now, whether you are with your life partner only or with family you couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy these elevated peaks unless you take the chairlift rides. There are more than a couple of different chairlift rides the cover the entire area and from these lifts you can see the most mesmerizingly beautiful parts of the Brundage Mountain.

Brundage Mountain Is Good For Many Other Things

You might not have thought about it but Brundage Mountain is also known for its welcoming events that are held here year-round. Whether you want to arrange a family reunion or a memorable wedding event, you can’t find a better place to do it than Brundage Mountain. Imagine the seating of your guests at the top of the mountain and the views of surrounding mountain peaks hiding in the misty clouds behind the bride and groom. You couldn’t imagine a better wedding event than this and if you want to take it indoors, that option is available too.

The Great Dining Options Of The Mountain

There is nothing more satisfying and pleasing than having a delicious barbeque in the middle of mountain peaks, misty atmosphere and the quietness of the nature. The best place to enjoy such an experience is Smoky’s Bar and Grill. Jambalaya and Venison stew are the two dishes that you must not miss if you are at this particular restaurant. If you want to enjoy some hot coffee, espresso and other drinks of this kind, your destination must be The SideStash Café. Go for the special and unforgettable RR Ranch burger from the Main Lodge Cafeteria.

Reaching The Brundage Mountain

Brundage Mountain is reachable from many areas and cities surrounding it. It is accessible from Portland through the I-84 and then to the Farewell Bend. From Boise airport you can take the same I-84 and reach the Exit 46. If you are coming from Lewiston you will have to turn towards south when you are on Highway 95 and from there you will reach New Meadows. From New Meadows you can take Highway 55 and driving briskly for 4 miles towards south should take you to the Brundage Mountain.