No Idaho tour can be considered complete unless the person has visited Boise. This is one of the most famous cities in the state and United States as well. Boise is also the capital of Idaho and its population puts it at 99th rank when it comes to the most populous cities in the United States. Located in the south western parts of the Idaho state, Boise is located very close to two other states; Oregon and Nevada. The downtown of Boise is also a unique place since it is at a great height of 824 meters from the sea level.

Highlights Of Boise And Things To Do Here

Idaho is rich with locations that can be visited year-round by families, tourists and even business travelers to have some time quality time out of working and hectic routines. The place that gets the most views and visits is the Boise River Greenbelt. Drive or walk with this river and you will have hundreds and thousands of things to do along the way. It offers some of the most beautiful scenic passages in Boise along with some of the best spots for enjoying with the family. There are dams on this river and at points it is shallow enough to step inside it. Fishing and picnicking along its banks is very common while floating in the inflatable boats is just one of the most favorite of everyone.

A unique place to visit in Boise is the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This is an old prison that has opened after decades for visitors to see and experience its unique solitude. Even though it’s not the place for everyone to visit but those who really want to experience its bleakness as a part of diversified experiences will find it a gem. If you love visiting buildings and see the architecture in its bloom, two places will be great for your viewing: Idaho State Capitol Building and St. John’s Cathedral. The lovers of animals would find the best entertainment in visiting the Morrison Knudson Nature Center. Even though it’s not the biggest place of its kinds but it definitely has one of the best experience of close encounters with the animals with Boise River singing in the background.

If you have seen the beautiful scenic views of the Boise River Greenbelt, taken some close looks at the animals in the Morrison-Knudson Nature Center and have been to the Idaho State Capitol Building, it’s time to look at some delicate, colorful and enthrallingly beautiful flowers at the Idaho Botanical Garden. The layout, the species of flowers and their colors are the real thing to note there. The amazing fact is that the Old Idaho Penitentiary is located right next to the botanical garden. A few other must-see places in Boise for tourists and visitors include the Basque Museum & Culture Center, Egyptian Theater, The Flicks, Bronco Stadium, Bogus Basin Ski Resort etc.

Dining In Boise, Idaho

Boise is populous and famous around the world so you can already expect it to be rich in this niche. Just desire for the type of food that you want to have and you will find a great restaurant with that specialty. Boise has everything in food from pizzas, grilled foods, steaks, burgers, salsas to ice creams and coffee. Or maybe you want some empanadas? You will get the best of everything. The options are unlimited and if you are staying in Boise for a week, you can try a new restaurant every day with its own specialties. For empanadas you should pay a visit to the very famous Tango’s Subs and Empanadas.

For the best European foods that you can enjoy alone, with your life partner, family or even office colleagues, Le Coq Rouge is the best place to be at. If it’s barbeque that you desire, you wouldn’t find a better place and more delicious food in any other place than Goodwood Barbeque Company. For all foods combined in the same place you have the Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery. Other great places for a great meal experience include Flying Pie Pizzaria, Big City Coffee, Café Vicino, The Riverside Grill etc.

Best Accommodations In Boise

Boise is a big city and a lot of tourists arrive in this city every year so accommodation is a part of this city’s hospitality and it is taken seriously. The best hotels in the city offer all facilities and amenities that can be provided by the luxurious hotels in Boise. Conference rooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot-tubs, spas, gymnasiums, high-speed internet facilities and ATMs are all offered in these hotels. Some of the hotels that have most of these amenities and they meet the needs of couples, families and business travelers include named such as Oxford Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites Boise Spectrum, Homewood Suites, The Riverside Hotel etc.