Best Wedding Cake Flavors for Everyone

The quintessential centerpiece of every wedding reception is the wedding cake. It is important enough that a separate timeslot is carved out on the schedule during which the cake is cut and served. The details and designs of wedding cakes have gotten more and more elaborate over the years as intricate patterns, sugar roses, fondants and a number of colors and flavors have become available. However, it doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing and beautiful your wedding cake is; in the end, it is necessary that it tastes delicious. The availability of so many flavors can make things very confusing because it is difficult to settle on one.

Some of the best wedding cake flavors that can work for various wedding themes and styles are:

  • Red Velvet

Named appropriately for its deep red color, a red velvet cake is excellent for the wedding because it has a unique elegance and charm. Moreover, it is also the perfect hue for representing romance and love on your wedding day. It boasts a smooth and rich texture, which is not quite vanilla and now quite chocolate and is usually paired with cream cheese frosting. While it is considered a newcomer relatively, there is no doubt that it has gained a lot of popularity.

  • Chocolate

It is one of the most popular wedding cake flavors of all time, mostly because it offers different levels of richness and there are also plenty of options for flavor pairings. Regarded as a childhood favorite, chocolate can also be elevated to reach a sophisticated and elegant level when it is mixed with accents like strawberry, orange and mint. If you are looking for a light chocolate cake, you can go with German chocolate or enjoy some richness offered in chocolate fudge.

  • Lemon

One of the most popular flavor trends in recent years is that of lemon cakes. This citrus flavor is the ideal choice for a spring wedding and is also the best choice for couples who don’t want their cake to be too rich or heavy. It also offers various options as you can opt for lemon buttercream frosting. It is also an option for you to get a tasty fruity blend by pairing lemon with strawberries, raspberries and whipped cream.

  • Vanilla

You can definitely never go wrong with plain vanilla, which is somewhat of a traditional wedding cake flavor. The beauty of this flavor is that it can be kept quite simple with just vanilla frosting or you also have the freedom of dressing it any way you like, which means going with any fruit, filling or frosting. It can serve as an excellent base for fun and exotic flavors and it is a great crowd pleaser.

  • Coconut and Lime

This tasty flavor combo is a great way for channeling the tropics as it is reminiscent of an island vacation. The tart and tangy lime filling combined with the creamy and rich coconut cake is nothing less than a match made in heaven. This is the ideal choice of those people who are looking for a rich and sweet cake, but don’t want to choose one from the chocolate family.

  • White Chocolate with Raspberry

Another winning combination, which has soared to popularity in wedding cake flavors is the tart fruitiness found in raspberry and the sweet richness of white chocolate. This new pairing can be extremely delicious whether you use fresh raspberry filling, raspberry cream or raspberry jam. It is a refreshing choice to add to the mix and a great choice when you want to do something out of the ordinary.

You can choose any of these great flavors for making your wedding cake delicious and mouthwatering.