Best Japanese Dishes You Should Eat
Image courtesy of Masaaki Komori @ WikiMedia

Beguiling and unique, Japan is regarded as a country of binaries. Straddling both the traditional and ultra-modern, Japan has a strong cultural identity and is considered as an once-in-a-lifetime destination. Along with stunning natural landscapes, the Japanese cities are always buzzing and you can enjoy some deliciously fresh cuisine at this East Asian island. Japanese food is notorious for its nutrition as the diet is based around seasonal and super-fresh products. Mentioned below are some of the best Japanese dishes that you should taste at least once:

  • Sushi

Simply put, raw fish that’s served on rice that are lightly seasoned with vinegar is called sushi. Things really get interesting through the wide array of textures and flavors like juicy, plump, ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) and creamy, tangy uni (sea urchin roe). It might be regarded as a lofty food, it originally came from street food.

  • Ramen

The top favorite late night meal in Japan is Ramen, which is a salty broth containing egg noodles. Japanese are known to import a dish and then make it their own in a delicious and scrumptious manner and Ramen is the perfect example of this practice as it was imported from China. Salt, soy sauce, miso and tonkotsu (pork bone) are the four major soup styles available. Hokkaido is where you can find the best pungent miso ramen whereas rich tonkotsu ramen can be found in Fukuoka.

  • Unagi

Lacquered with sweet barbecue sauce and grilled over charcoal, Unagi is a river eel, which is considered the perfect antidote to the humidity and heat associated with the stultifying summers of Japan, according to the folklore. Reminiscent of old Japan, this delicacy is available in most restaurants that have a traditional feel to them. From May to October, you can enjoy wild-caught and fresh Unagi.

  • Tempura

Japan has also made a contribution to the world of deep-fried food in the form of fluffy and light Tempura. The batter-coated vegetables and seafood are fried in sesame oil traditionally and served either with a dish of broth flavored with soy sauce or a small pool of salt.

  • Kaiseki

It is the haute cuisine of Japan and is a part work of art and part dinner. Centuries ago, Kaiseki also originated with Kyoto’s tea ceremony, which remains the capital of the dish. You don’t see a menu; it is a just a bunch of small courses, which has been arranged meticulously on exquisite and delicate crockery. Each dish is in accordance with the current season and only fresh ingredients are utilized.

  • Soba

Thin, long buckwheat noodles called Soba is a notable staple of Japanese cuisine, especially in the mountainous regions where rice doesn’t fare as well as hardy buckwheat. The noodles are either served on a bamboo mat with broth on the side for the purpose of dipping or it is served in a soy-sauce flavored and hot broth.

You can try any of these amazing and delicious Japanese dishes if you have the fortune of visiting this East Asian country.