Best Forgotten Tactics of Offline Marketing

Since online marketing has gained popularity, businesses tend to ignore offline marketing tactics whenever they are planning their campaigns. Yes, there is no denying that online marketing is of the utmost importance in the internet connected world of today, but it should not be forgotten that that offline engagement with customers still offers distinct and unique value. It is a good idea to look outside the box when you wish to give your business a real marketing boost. Listed below are the best forgotten tactics of offline marketing that don’t require a lot of investment and can provide you with great results:

Try out offline guerrilla marketing

A generic term used to refer to the use of unconventional marketing tactics is defined as guerrilla marketing. The problem with online marketing channels is that they are rather narrowly structured due to which offline marketing is the best platform for stretching your guerrilla muscles. There are a number of guerrilla marketing strategies you can try out such as:

  • Donating branded bookmarks to the local libraries
  • Using sticky notes for creating temporary images on cars, buildings etc.
  • Using door hanger distribution, which involves using a cardboard or plastic sign boasting the business’s products and other details.
  • Using chalk for advertising your promotions on the sidewalk
  • Distributing flyers in areas of high traffic, particularly from your target market


Leaving business cards

Another effective guerrilla marketing strategy is to use your business cards to spread your name around, especially if it is a small business. The key to remember is that you shouldn’t just give out business cards when you meet someone. Instead, learn to drop them everywhere you go. For instance, when you eat at a restaurant, leave your business card with the tip. Put it on a public bulletin board you come across. This might seem like a little thing, but it can generate quite a few leads for you.

Donate products or gift certificates as prizes

One of the best ways you can build visibility for your business is by offering your product or service as a prize in a local competition. It is also a great way of showing your commitment to your community. You can provide gift certificates for your services if you don’t have a product. This will get you exposure because the prizes will be announced in different publications, especially if it is a big competition.

Speaking at events

Professional events are an excellent platform for sharing your ideas, meeting new people and networking and thus create brand awareness. They can be even more effective if you don’t just attend these events, but also speak at them. Keep an eye out for any local event pertaining to your industry and then think of an educational topic on which you can speak. If you cannot speak yourself, you can take an employee along who can. The purpose is to create a name for your business by getting it a mention.

Follow these offline marketing tactics and you will get great results in no time at all.