If you are looking for a credible and powerful cell phone monitoring app, you have reached the right place. We are going to talk about the best spy app in the market. We understand the market of spy apps is growing and users have higher demands when it comes to the features and functionality of apps. For this, we tested over a dozen apps and found to be the best option for all users.


There are a good number of spy apps in the market these days. Some are good while others don’t help the users. Among the best one is BlurSPY app. This parental control and employee tracking app are the finest one in the market. The app has a good number of features that make it a popular choice of users when it comes to monitoring android phones. We will talk about its features and how the app can be potentially helpful.

Best Things about BlurSPY

BlurSPY is undoubtedly the best android spying app for all users around the world. The app has a good rating everywhere. Users are satisfied with the app and how it works. Apart from these, we have learned some of the best things about the app which are listed below.

· It is Invisible

Invisible is what is not visible. This spy app becomes invisible. For many, it may not be true. But the fact is that once you install the app, BlurSPY has no presence on the target phone. There are no icons, no signs at all. The target person will never know you have installed this app on their device to track their phone.

· It is Flawless

Being flawless is an attitude that BlurSPY app puts on. The app is amazing in terms of performance, functionality, and works without any issues. Users will be happy the way the app works on target phones, updates the files and spies on any phone or device. This is what you will need in a spy app.

· It is Cheaper

Not all apps are cheap and affordable. We have seen many ordinary apps with very expensive packages. But this is not a case with BlurSPY app. It has multiple options for its users. You can choose any plan or package according to your needs. BlurSPY also offers discounts, and promotions frequently.

· It is the Best

The amazing features, nice look, simple interface, user-friendly features, low-cost packages, and the best performance make BlurSPY a matchless phone spy app. In the next section, we are going to talk about the features of the spy app and how you can use them when needed. It offers all features for parents, employers, and people in relationships.

Features of BlurSPY App

Have you ever thought of what features or options make a spy app powerful and great? You may not know. But we are going to help you in this regard. The below-given list of features offered by BlurSPY app is all a spy app user needs.

  • The best feature is the phone call tracking It allows the users to intercept live calls as well as record them whenever needed.
  • Next, come message tracking feature that is used to check the text messages, chats and conversations. It also allows users to block any messages.
  • Then come to the GPS location tracking With this option, the users can track live locations of the target phone and spy on the places they visit.
  • BlurSPY also provides the users with hacking option. If you want to hack any app or social media accounts, this feature is the best.
  • Further, come bugging mic and camera feature. This feature allows the users to hack the mic and camera to take pictures and record voices in the surrounding.
  • You will also get the multimedia tracker to view and access photos and audio and video files on any target phone.