Benefits Of VoIP For Small Businesses

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is that a number of people believe this phone system is only a good option for large businesses. However, the truth is that there are many aspects of a VoIP phone system that can provide advantages to small business owners as well. A broadband internet connection is needed for making and receiving calls, rather than an analog or regular phone line. Some of the notable benefits that this technology can offer to small businesses are:

  • Excellent call quality

First and foremost, VoIP technology has advanced to such a significant extent that the person calling or receiving cannot tell whether it is a traditional or VoIP phone line. In terms of call quality, the VoIP systems of today have surpassed traditional landlines.

  • Multi-functionality

VoIP phone systems are not just about making and receiving calls. Other communication services are also incorporated in VoIP phone systems, such as the Grandstream GRP2612P IP Phone, which allows teleconferencing, instant messaging, receiving faxes and voicemail via email, video conferencing, and presence information. With such features, you can stay in touch with employees regardless of where they are, even if they work remotely.

  • Secure

As compared to the traditional phone systems, VoIP offers a great deal more security. Encryption protocols have been standardized through this modern phone system, which can make your data and calls secure. This is something that’s not possible on a regular telephone connection.

  • Portability

One of the most prominent benefits of a VoIP system is that it can be used anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You can receive and make calls from different devices, including your smartphone, which ensures that you can be contacted by colleagues and customers no matter where you are. You can also transfer calls to your colleagues without requiring your clients to call a different number.

  • Call recording service

You can record your calls through a VoIP phone system, which allows you to playback important calls, thereby ensuring that no important messages are missed. Likewise, this modern phone system enables you to review call logs for determining the time of the day when consumers call the most, the duration of the call, and other relevant information.

  • Automated assistance

As long as you invest in a good VoIP system, such as GRP2614 VoIP Phone, you will be able to program answers to frequently asked questions for serving customers if they call after hours. Regular opening hours, holiday opening hours, and other important announcements can also be programmed, which ensures that your customers are able to enjoy optimal service regardless of what time it may be.

  • Increased productivity

VoIP also gives productivity a boost because it eliminates ‘phone tag’, which occurs when two people are trying to get in touch, but are unable to get ahold of each other. This often leads to increased customer frustration, inhibits the capacity of small businesses to grow, and reduces sales. With VoIP, numbers are programmed to ring on several devices before they lead to voicemail, which reduces the chances of phone tag.