Benefits Of Linking Instagram To Make The Most Of Social Media

Social media has become an entirely separate world nowadays that has different and varied platforms and channels. This has become a good medium to promote businesses and to earn handsome profit. In fact, most reputed brands are now found on these platforms and channels. It is the fact that it has over 3.5 billion users that has made social media a tremendously growing and impactful platform for different types of businesses to solidify their stance in the market.

The different platforms of social media are gigantic with its huge fan following and active users. Some of these platforms that are used extensively by different businesses for their online marketing strategy are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat and
  • Instagram.

Out of all these, Instagram needs a special mention due to its fast growing popularity and its significant effect in online business promotion. It is considered to be the most trending one and one of the most preferred platform. It has outshone other social media platforms with its features that are one of its kinds.

If you have an Instagram account then it is for sure that you are in love with it for its response to your marketing efforts. If you do not have one already then you are losing a lot as a marketer and it is high time that you start contemplating on one to ensure that you do not miss on some serious opportunities anymore.

Reasons for incorporation

There are several reasons for incorporating Instagram in your social media marketing campaign part from the obvious benefits. These are:

  • You will be able to reach out to more than 800 million people instantly
  • Out of all the active users of Instagram every month more than 80% of all of them follow at least one specific brand’s account
  • There are over 2 million advertisers on Instagram every month
  • You can cash on the belief of 59% of micro-influencers that Instagram provides the best engagement and
  • Meet all those 60% Instagram followers that visits the platform daily.

These are all alluring statistics and all these clearly prove that the growth ratio Instagram will create a positive impact on the growth ratio of your business. This makes Instagram the most preferable platform in the world and the biggest one to promote your product and service to reach out to new customers and create a huge following of your brand advocates.

Be more creative

The most significant thing about Instagram is that you can be as creative as you want when you want to use it as your effective platform to promote your business.

  • The platform is free and easy to use.
  • You can create a business account in no time and make Instagram stories as well.
  • This will help you to run your promotionsmore effectively and smoothly and
  • Allow you to interact with others.

You can also show your product through high-resolution photos. This will grabs the attention of viewers immediately and create a long lasting effect. Once you attract the users and engage them they will they will also look at the other photos that you posted on the page.

To get started

There are a few steps to follow to get started to promote your business through Instagram. These are:

  • Create an informative and interesting business profile that will tell everything about your business in brief. Make it unique and add your phone number and also a linkable URL within the permissible 150 characters.
  • Know about the latest trend followed in Instagram promotion and make sure you use it but do not deviate from your unique strategy. Use of proper and trendy hashtags is crucial for such marketing efforts and to stay in the loop. Search for proper and relevant tags in the explore page and use it.
  • Interact more and often with your followers so that people will be engaged more in your page and share your page with others even. You can use and follow different ways to interact with people such as likes, comments, mention, follow and others.
  • It is very important to monitor your progress on a regular basis and analyze it by using proper analytical tools. It you follow this technique you will surely stay on top of your page. This will also help you to make the necessary changes to your marketing strategy.
  • Make sure that you drive more awareness about your brand by promoting your post. You can use different programs and email marketing services for this or simply do it within the app itself. You must add Instagram Ad campaigns to your post as well.

Following these steps you will be able to create an appealing business account on your Instagram page, This will also help you to see how many times in total was your post and story was seen by the users and the number of unique accounts that the followers may have clicked on the link of your website, or view the demographics.

Platform integration matters

The benefits of linking Instagram to social media are not limited to building brand awareness, or increasing your customer reach. It is more about creating sales leads without pushing your users to make a sale. Proper integration willproduce killer results provided you know a few facts.

  • Instagram is much different from other social media platforms such as Facebook as this is purely a visualplatform. There are different engaging captions but it is the image and videos that paly the most significant role in your business promotion.
  • On the other hand, Facebook is entirely different as it allows you to post articles and texts along with photos. The most significant factor is that Facebook also allows and easy transition between the external links and the app and therefore integrating it will make it more attractive and will help you to drive traffic to your website.

It is much more easily achievable as you can draw the users out of the Instagram app by posting a link on the profile page or by inserting links inyour stories provided you have more than ten thousand followers to your account.