Barnes and Nobles Announces Nook Tablet By Samsung

Barnes and Nobles manufactured a tablet by the name of Nook HD+, but have now unveiled its replacement in the form of a customized version of a tablet that already exists and is manufactured by Samsung Electronics. This device is being marketed by the US book chain as first ever Android tablet that has been fully optimized for reading because it also includes the pre-installed home screen shortcuts and Nook apps. However, the screen resolution of this particular tablet is lower than Kobo’s Arc 7HD that’s powered by Android. According to an analyst, selling the device would be an ‘uphill struggle’.

Other analysts were of the opinion that the class of low-cost tablets may have earned consumer apathy, but this Nooks tablet was simply going to end up into the melting pot with a horde of other tablets that will be released at the same price point in the Christmas season. As far as reading-focused tablets are concerned, the market has already been locked out by Amazon. Thus, the only thing that can be appreciated here is the decision of Barnes and Nobles to go to Samsung because it means that their device can actually have quality and scale in a package.

The 7-inch screened Nook’s tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics has one huge advantage over its competition i.e. the Amazon Fire Tablets; the Samsung Tab can be easily used for getting access to the Google Play marketplace. A proprietary store is used by Amazon’s tablet, but there aren’t as many apps to be found. Moreover, the new Nook tablet is also cost effective as opposed to the Kobo Arc 7HD and Kindle Fire HDX because it carries a price tag of only $179. The only problem is that it will not give test a sharp appearance because it offers only 216 pixels per inch.

Likewise, the movies and magazines that will be sold from the included apps Nook Video and Nook Newsstand will have considerably less detail in comparison to similar purchases that can be made on the other Android machines or even on the iPad Mini of Apple Inc., which boasts its own dedicated and rich ebook store. Nonetheless, some analysts have also said that this tie-up makes complete sense. Barnes and Nobles have an opportunity of reducing their costs after they had to post a net loss worth $47 million in their last financial year. Similarly, Samsung will also benefit as it will get exposure when advertised on the website and retail stores of Barnes and Nobles.

An analyst said that making money from mobile devices has proved to be quite difficult, but this partnership could benefit Barnes and Nobles. This is because their own services and content will be pre-installed, which means that they will not just be in the mind of the customers, but also in front of their eyes. This visibility is important because on other devices, it has to convince users to install its applications. Right now, this Nook tablet is only available in the US.