Wearable Trends From Michelle Obama’s Closet

From the signature round glasses of Jackie O to the colorful cardigans of Michelle Obama, the country has been captivated by the personal style and fashion of the first lady for centuries now. Michelle Obama, wife of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, has some signature wardrobe staples that have given a unique touch to her style and…...
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Signs of a Happy Kitty

Even though stereotypes suggest that cats are uncaring and aloof creatures, most of them are quite affectionate and intelligent pets. Even though they don’t speak the human language, they are able to communicate their wants, feelings and moods in a very effective way. If you want to tune in to your cat’s feelings and emotions and strengthen your bond with…...
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Fashion and Style

Rules To Follow When Wearing Dresses

    When people think about style, it is because they want to achieve a certain image. However, fashion is also about feeling the same way you look; if you look good, you should feel good. People find it easier to have such confidence when they understand the rules that should be followed when donning certain pieces in their wardrobe.…...
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Google Leasing Airfield For Space Research

   Nonetheless, the company hasn’t disclosed the exact way the site will be used. But, a NASA press release has highlighted that the airfield will be used for testing, research, assembly and development in different emerging technologies including aviation, space exploration and robotics. Rich pickings are offered by the sale for NASA because according to the agreement, in the initial…...
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