The Advent of a Sunroom Over Swimming Pool

The conventional method of generating electricity uses fossil fuels or mostly coal. Coal is burnt in thermal power plants and the energy released is then used to generate electricity. The major drawback is that coal is depleting very fast from the planet and it will take thousands of years for the supply of coal to ...
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Online Designer Wedding Gown Shopping

It’s your wedding. You’ve been trying to decide on a wedding dress but nothing appeals to your taste. Multiple boutiques, showrooms, shopping malls, you’ve done it all. You even visited every place your friends have recommended but to no avail. It’s not that there weren’t any good dresses anywhere but it was just that they ...
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Prom: The Dream

On a warm pleasant night in spring season, a stretch limo pulls up in the parking lot and girls and boys all dressed up in dresses and suits, corsages and hats, step out of the limousine. All senior year students, dressed up to look their glamorous selves walk towards the venue. It’s their prom night! ...
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