Accounting and Finance

How to Save $200 Monthly?

The following tips have been written by Ana Miller, a financial blogger and an advisor from Vision Finance, a company specialized in bridging finance, property development finance and property investment finance. Saving money sounds like a really difficult task, doesn’t it? How can you save money when you have so many bills to pay and ...
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Guest Posts

3 Do’s When Buying Playsuits

Commonly referred to as a romper or jumper, playsuits are a fun and comfortable fashion piece which joins the top and the bottom together to create one single article of clothing.  While they can look cute and endearing, almost all of us have witnessed romper-clad women that just didn’t look quite right.  Here are 3 ...
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Learn How to Build Large Custom Aquariums

There is a huge rise in popularity of custom aquariums in the market, not just because of the versatility in terms of size and shape, but also due to the fact that they can be built for a cost that’s lower than the store-bought models. Moreover, it isn’t just small ones, but large aquariums can ...
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Top 5 Shoe Trends for 2014

Shoes are like religion for most women. Each season, they have the opportunity of experiencing the enthusiasm and rush that’s associated with shoe shopping because they can add some excellent and amazing pieces to their wardrobe. Most women relish the joy of going on the hunt for the fabulous and best shoes that can transform ...
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