Makeup & Cosmetics

Enhance Your Looks and Get Prettier With Smoky Eyes

No woman is ugly unless she stays lazy. And when we talk about beauty of a woman, eyes are the first things that can completely change a woman’s looks. Eyes reveal the inner essence of wellbeing and can be attracting to anyone if are beautiful. Thanks to modern products and cosmetic techniques that no longer let the difference of the…...
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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘ Review

With a whiz, The X-Men go ahead to the earlier period or perhaps sideways to a different present. It’s a battle for the endurance of the species across two different eras. Made under direction of Bryan Singer, ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ has several elements of obsession and romance at its most awful form. Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg and Matthew…...
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Are Modern Treatments Really Helping Women Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair?

The ugly look of having unwanted body hair or facial hair makes many women feel awkward while facing others. Some are sick of having unsightly hair growth on their upper lips and some curse having hair on their chins and cheeks resembling men’s beard. Unwanted hair don’t end up cursing women here only; as there are lots of women too…...
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Home and Garden

Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants

Plants can be an excellent way to give a face-lift to any environment and any place. When it comes to indoor plants, they surely come up with the splendor of enhancing the beauty of your environment, help you get rid of impurities inside the house, and produce a naturalistic aspect to often sterile-looking workplaces.  Some people love to spectacle their…...
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