Ankit Tiwari: A Complete Musical Fantasy Of Today

Ankit Tiwari-The name itself speaks so much about the star. The iconic singer of today’s generation Ankit Tiwari needs no introduction. The winner of more than 14 major trophies such as Filmfare, and Mirchi Music has a sensational touch of harmony hat gives his competitor a tough time.

Ankit Tiwari has pop up the Indian music with a new musical tendency which was never heard in the industry before. Most of his compositions are gifted with heart-touching tunes and simplicity. His songs are most loved and can be listened anywhere. He debut was with some famous legends in the Indian music industry when he was 18. Habib Faisal, Pradip Serkar, and Mohet Suri were some names who encouraged the boy for a great journey ahead. Apart from Eastern music, Tiwari has lots to do with western music .The Indian singer loves Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin.

Tiwari has a strong classical music background. The most famous singer of today’s lovers is a great fan of musical king Kishore Kumar and loves to showcase his inspiration in singing. His motivation flashes with some legendary icons such as R.D. Burman, and A.R Rehmah. Tiwari’s singing and composition is an excellent blend of fresh and out-of-the-box combination of the eastern and western music.

Tiwari is the owner of some remarkable projects like Ashiqui 2, and Aik Villain that has an incredibly magnificent melody to be remembered for decades to come. Gifted with a mature and unique style of composition, Tiwari has established his name as one of the renowned and greatest music composers in the Indian music industry at such a young age. Today his name is the symbol of success which he has attained with his own talent and hard work.

The composer has a different identity for composing fresh tunes with a variety and beautifying his melodies with a soulful essence. The songs the ‘sun raha hai na tu’ star sings or composes mark a direct connection with his listeners. Many creations with a breathtaking combination of Tiwari’s singing and composition have a notable ranking in top-ten list of super hit songs. His capability and talent is evident from a lot of unbeaten tunes like “teri galiyaan’, and ‘ sun raha hai’. Some other big hits include Do dooni chaar, sahib bivi aur gangster, and Singham Returns. No doubts there’s lots more to come and all these success stories are just a part of the beginning of Ankit Tiwari’ achievements.

According to most Bollywood film directors, Tiwari is a magician who knows how to tackle with most complicated situations. He comes up with unique thoughts and they just freak out. Tiwari is a professional to compose a track on given lines with a comfort. For Himesh Reshamiya and Ismaeel Darbar, Tiwari is a gem and his voice gives a new characterization to love and tender genres of songs.