An Introduction to 5.56 NATO Silencers

One of the most popular guns that use the 5.56 NATO caliber rounds is the AR-15. This compact, rifle is one of the most popular commercial rifles in the country and hence it has opened up the markets for a slew of 5.56 rifle suppressors. Choosing from a wide array of options can be daunting indeed. This guide is aimed at easing your selection process, thus enabling you to choose the right suppressor that suits your needs.

Understanding the 5.56mm rifle

Firstly, let’s look into the rifle itself. When choosing a proper suppressor for your rifle from Thunder Beat Arms, you will have to consider a number of parameters such as length, sound suppression, price, attachment method, weight, etc. Almost all of the 5.56mm rifles are supersonic, i.e., the bullets travel faster than the speed of sound – even under stock conditions. You can opt for subsonic rounds, but they will hamper the rifles performance in noticeable measures.

When the bullet breaks the sound barrier (travels faster than the speed of sound), it tends to create a miniature sonic boom, where a very audible cracking sound is heard. This is generated irrespective of the use of suppressors. Hence, you will always hear a sound when you fire a 5.56 mm rifle, expect it will sound like a gunshot going off a far off distance.

Suppressor attachments

When you buy Thunder Beast Arms Online Silencers Suppressors Ultra 9 7 5 you will notice that they generally weigh more than those of pistols. This is because rifle suppressors tend to be thicker and stronger owing to the larger rounds and the immense pressure that is expelled from the barrels.

Most gun owners these days are opting for gun units with a quick attach feature that enables them to quickly attach and detach a suppressor without worrying about it coming loose. In such cases, the suppressors latches on to the muzzle break, which acts as an adapter. This enables one to attach different types of suppressors without worrying about threading mismatch between the gun and the suppressor.

There is no doubt that Thunder Beast Arms and rifle suppressors are great at reducing sounds, and are an asset to high volume shooters. However, different rifles work at their optimal levels when fitted with appropriate suppressors. Deciding which suppressor to choose depends entirely on your needs and style of use.