Agricultural Technologies and Precision Farming

Uncertainties and pressure are part of the world of farming. Thanks to technological advancement, new opportunities have emerged, which can have a lasting impact on the farming industry. Almost 1 billion people live in extreme poverty and hunger and most of them work as farmers in developing countries. Their success or failure is the determining factor in their ability of having enough food to eat and sell so they can fulfill other needs. In the last 2 decades, there has been substantial change in the structure of the farming industry. Numerous agricultural research institutes are promoting the adoption of advanced methods of farming.

Several new methods such as precision farming have been developed because of new agricultural technologies and they have the potential of providing a higher yield, thereby increasing income. Precision farming offers farmers a new range of tools that can aid them in visualizing and managing their land and also help them in understanding their soil conditions in a better way. This new farming method utilizes GIS, which stands for Geographical Information Systems, for dividing a field into small portions as this can help in looking at the field in greater detail. This information can be beneficial for farmers as it allows them to reduce fertilizer waste by giving accurate information regarding the PH of the soil and the nutrients it contains.

Precision farming can help farmers in spotting the area in which soil is too alkaline or acidic and locking the nutrients in order to prevent them from being absorbed. Then the areas can be given proper treatment for achieving a uniform PH for the entire field, leading to better crop management. Likewise, precision farming and agricultural technologies allow farmers to check the nutrients that already exist in the soil so they don’t have to buy fertilizers for those that the soil already has. It is possible that one area of the field has plenty of nutrients while another is lacking.

As a farmer, you will be able to apply accurate amounts of fertilizers to your field through the new agricultural technologies and precision farming, which is useful in reducing waste and boosting crop yields. Precision farming is also useful for farmers in terms of water management as it highlights areas where water is draining too slow or fast. Fast flowing water takes away nutrients and slow flowing water drowns the crops, both times affecting yields and this needs to be checked. Precision farming can help here as well because it also uses global positioning system (GPS). Using GPS can be extremely helpful in farming and some of the benefits include:

  • Efficiency: GPS precision can be used for developing efficient methods of for maintaining, planting and harvesting fields. Farming equipment can be steered automatically with GPS and it can also inform you when fertilizers, pesticides and water are needed. This can lead to higher yields and monetary payback.
  • Alertness: Farm equipment can be automatically steered with GPS products so a straight line doesn’t have to be held manually by operators. Operators can work longer because they will not tire out so easily. Crops can be grown in a more comfortable and safe way.
  • Flexibility: As you don’t have to rely on your eyes any longer, you can work during times of low visibility. This means that even when the field is foggy, dusty or poorly lit, work is faster, safer and more accurate. Hence, more work can be done and this can lead to greater economic rewards.
  • Environmental: As specific areas can be targeted for fertilizers and pesticides, there is no need for you to over-spray anywhere. This means that you only have to use a smaller amount of these products and this will make crop safer for consumption and not pollute the environment.
  • Employees: You will be able to retain workers easily because GPS systems are easier to use and operate. Old members of the crew can also work longer because keen eyesight doesn’t remain a requirement with these systems.

These benefits have led to the popular of new agricultural technologies and precision farming. However, you should purchase the needed equipment, machinery and tools from reliable and quality providers such as mcelettronica for getting value for money. More interesting information regarding agricultural technologies can also be found on