The Android operating system is a true marvel of functional goodness. The mobile phones and smartphones that integrate with this platform are considered to be best in performance based cellular devices. Through this OS, compatible mobile phones gain the remarkable support and tolerance towards attractive applications that include games, entertainment apps, news apps, business apps, etc. Due to the popularity of Android OS, the mobile manufacturing companies are rapidly introducing new Android-compatible mobile phones and tablets every other day, which immediately become popular in users. This operating system has also opened doors for thousands of mobile app developers globally to produce and add new and innovative mobile applications for the Google Play store.

The latest and improved 4.1 or Jellybean version boasts of a number of greater and much more alluring features for the users. This version is designed to improve the user experience and to attract Windows phone and iPhone users by offering an advanced level of smoothness in applications and visuals processing. Jellybean has been integrated into a large number of latest devices. At the same time, it entails support for many existing devices. The tablets that offer Jellybean as their operating system are often referred as Android Tablet 4.1, which are among the most popular devices. When it comes to performance, no other device seems to come close in comparison.

This tablet is a veritable channel for excellence. It embodies all the requisite and impressive features that can impress even the most obstinate of techno enthusiasts. A lot of new tablets are now being introduced in the market containing the characteristic power levels and features that allow them to afford the distinction of being a true Android Tablet 4.1. The Jellybean encompassing tablets usually offer great power and performance level. Some of the most admired and well known features that come with an Android tablet 4.1 are as follows:

1. A minimum of 1.5 GHz of Dual core processor

2. At the lowest, fitted with a 10 inch display with support for pixels resolution that measures up to 1280 x 800

3. At least 1.0 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory)

4. Internal storage of at least 8.0 GB. Also supports the memory card storage

5. A comprehensive and highly strong battery which allows hours of efficient functioning, standby time and talk-time

6. A highly efficient camera ranging from 2.0 megapixels to even 8.0 megapixels, in accordance with the company or developer of the tablet

These specifications allow the Android 4.1 Tablets to support the Jellybean to a level unseen before. Some of other innovative features, such as predictive keywords and texts has also been introduced in tablets with Jellybean. Increased frame rates, better search results, voice searching, advanced sync between touch inputs and rendering are some other add-ons offered in these devices.

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