Since the advancement in technology, there has been a shift towards digital photography. A huge number of people have developed an interest in photography because it’s quite easy to capture snaps with the help of easy to use point-and-shoot digital cameras. In fact, people can even edit their own pictures nowadays without having to undergo any sort of training. They do not have to use the services of the professional photographer because image manipulation software is provided today. This software enables people to accomplish things that they couldn’t do in a dark room. This means that people can add cool photo effects to make their snaps unique and interesting.

There are multitudes of ways in which people can enhance, improvise and alter their photographs to get the desired results. They can find online programs or even websites for accomplishing these goals. Some of the popular and unique effects that can be incorporated into snapshots are:


Adding a fading area around the edge of the photos is defined as vignetting. Older photographs often have an oval fade-out effect, which can be collaborated with the help of this effect. In this manner, part of the snapshot can be focused by people. Different tools are used to add effects to photos via vignetting such as oval or rectangle select tools. If a soft effect has to be added, people can always use the option of the feather command.

Sepia Tone

Older photographs carry a brownish-tan tint that can also be added to the photos. The official name for this shade is sepia tone. Squid ink was originally used for doing so. However, you can keep your hands clean by using this digital and modern method available. Sepia tone option is available in each image manipulation software, but the steps to do so can vary.

Color Cast

An image that comprises of more of a particular color is defined as color cast. This is a technical term used to refer to this condition and it can be used to add feelings to a photograph. In photography studios, a cozy and warm touch can be added with a yellow cast while blue represents sad and cold. Sometimes, a color cast is not even required because the photo itself already has too much color. In this case, color controls can prove to be beneficial in adding cool photo effects to the pictures. Adjustment layers are available for making the desired changes.

Perfect Skin

The photographs of people can be used with photo editing software and this is a definite plus. No matter which program is used for editing photos, it is possible to make individuals appear better and different in the snapshot. For instance, it is possible to use manipulation software for removing zits, age spots and wrinkles. The brush size can be controlled to get an accurate result and avoid any fake effects.

These effects are quite easy to apply and are offered by any editing program on the internet. These programs can be found free of charge and are user friendly.