A Quick Guide To Choosing A Letting Agent

The letting agent you select for your buy-to-let property can play a key role in your landlord experience. A bad letting agent can lead to a lot of stress, whereas a competent one can make your life a whole lot easier. A good letting agent will advertise your property proactively, find the right tenants, deal with the paperwork, and all in return for a reasonable fee. How do you choose one? Let’s find out:

  • Decide what services you want

First off, you need to decide what services you want; do you only want someone to find tenants for you, or do you want complete property management? The former means the agent will find tenants, do the initial paperwork and then leave the rest of the management to you, whereas the latter means they will handle everything related to your rental properties.

  • Do a fee comparison

There are plenty of options you will come across when you look for a letting agent, so it is best to do a price comparison. Your goal is to get value for money, so you shouldn’t look for the most expensive, or the cheapest option.

  • Check their money protection schemes

It is a given that you don’t want a letting agent to run away with the money they collect from your tenants, in deposits and rent. A professional and reputable letting agency, such as https://www.lynngreenfieldpropertyservices.com/, will belong to a money protection scheme. This means that in the case of any fraud or loss, the landlord will be compensated.

  • Marketing strategies

You want a proactive letting agent who will find a tenant for you as quickly as possible. Ask them about the mode of advertisements they use and where they list your properties to ensure they are using optimal channels for helping you let your properties.