A Look at the Wineries Victoria Boasts

There is a good reason many people head to Victoria, Australia: its wineries. These offer some of the best wines you will find across the globe. Their ambiance is also so relaxing that even those who do not love win will be heading there. Regardless of which category you fit in, the wineries Victoria will be a sight for sore eyes and a relief to your palate.

A Quick Look at the Wineries of Victoria

Located in NewSouth Wales, Victoria is home toover 850 wineries in 22 distinct regions thatare known to produce excellent quality wines owing to theprevailing cool climates. Victoria’s wine regions are located close to Melbourne with the Rutherglen/ Milawa region in the northeast being the main wine producing Victorian region. The Rutherglen region is widely known for its fortified wine styles, which are very similar to that of Muscat. These wines feature the sweetest fruit flavours as they have been concentrated by the dryness and length of autumns.

Smaller wine regions in Victoria are at Geelong area, Mornington Peninsula, andYarra Valley. The Yarra region is especially known for producing some of Australia’s delicate, elegant and finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Similarly, the Mornington Peninsula is also known for producing quite a few Pinot Noir wines.

Mildura is also one of the important regions to head to. It is known for its citrus cultivation apart from its rich wineries. In addition, it is home to some of the most well-known, highly reputed and largest wineries since it offers a favorable climate for grape cultivation.

In the Spotlight: Tahbilk Vineyard and Winery

Many of the wineries Victoria houses are family owned and welcome tourists and visitors for wine tasting and tours. Among the historic wineries in the area is the Tahbilk Winery, which is located in the central Victoria’s Nagambie Lakes region. Founded in 1860, it boasts some of the finest wines because of the area’s meso-climate, which is highly influenced by the area’s proximity to the water. The second factor that makes the region’s wine worth tasting is its unique soil type which has very high ferric oxide content, affecting the quality of the grapes produced there.

Tahbilk offers self-guided tours for its visitors to explore the historic cellar door before moving further down to the underground cellars. You are bound to enjoy the cellar door tasting,which is held in the original winery to give you a taste of most of Tahbilk’s wine club</a>. You should also stop by the Tahbilk café, which is the recent addition to the historic Tahbilk estate. Once you have had food and drinks there, you can continue your fun at the winery by taking a quiet stroll in the Tahbilk Wetlands and Wildlife Reserve or opting for a guided tour through the Tahbilk lagoons.

Whether it is Tahbilk vineyard or any of the other wineries in Victoria’s wine regions, rest assured that you will make beautiful memories that you will cherish your whole life.