A Guide to Collar Styles for Men

At first glance, menswear seems very simple and hassle free, but it is actually the plethora of little details that make it interesting. A dress shirt is considered to be the most basic item that can be found in the closet of any man. As far as this shirt is concerned, the style of the collar can have a big impact on the complete image of an outfit. We are going to explore some of the popular and latest collar styles for men that can be found these days:

  • The Point Collar


The most direct and simplest style is the point collar and is the best go-to option available. The proportions can be kept classic with this type of collar as the points are three inches long and there is equal space between them. When wearing a suit, it can be the simplest collar to wear as it comes off as dressy without any flash. Even when a tie is not worn, this collar will come off as completely natural. Another advantage of this collar is that it can be used for flattering any face shape and is a good choice in almost every situation.

  • The Spread Collar


This particular collar is a very close cousin of the classic point collar. In simple terms, the collar’s points are cut in a way that they spread. Thus, the tips of the point are spaced at a larger distance. As compared to the point collar, this one is a bit dressier and is used with French cuffs having in which the cuff links are closed. The origin of this collar is English, but European men tend to favor it more so it can be used for adding a bit of flare. It can be used in almost any situation, but doesn’t work well with men having round shaped faces.

  • The Button Down Collar

Button Down Collar

This collar style is a step down in the formality level. Over a century ago, this particular color style was worn by the English polo players as they wanted to prevent the points of the collar from flapping in their face during a match. In the 20th century, they make a part of the American wardrobe and have flourished since then. This collar doesn’t stay flat, but curves a bit and can be paired with tweed jackets, khakis and even jeans and a sweater. It can also be worn without a tie, but isn’t usually worn with suits.

  • The Club Collar

Club Collar

This style of collar isn’t as popular as before, but it can be used as an occasional alternative. Basically, this collar has rounded corners and is short and used as a contrast on striped or colored shirts. The club collar is ideal for adding a retro vibe to an outfit and is excellent for themed events and parties. It is best to wear a tie with this collar otherwise the look may seem a bit incomplete.

These are some of the popular collar styles that can be used by men, according to fashion, taste and preference.