9 Ways to Develop and Maintain Customer Relationships

Customer is the king! Irrespective of how cliche this statement might sound, it is the truth indeed. Your clients are a medium to mint money and earn meaty profits from your business. Also, to some extent, the customers associated with your business, become your identity as well. Today, many brands are known in the market by the nature of clientele they possess. The people, who follow a particular brand, often determine what perception is made about that brand. With customers being such an integral part of your business, you must know how to maintain customer relationship. Here are some ways which will help you to attract more customers as well as retain the old ones.

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Get The Basics Right

We know that before we construct a tall building, its foundation has to be laid strong. Similarly, to attract more customers and be more successful, you need to maintain the quality of what you are selling. Your customers do not know you personally. They judge you on the basis of the products or services, which they buy from you. And if there are any loop holes in that, you would most definitely lose their trust. Your credibility and respect could be safe, only if you know what you are selling. Not only this, you must be consistent in your deliveries every time. This means that it is okay, if you are not able to improve the quality of your services frequently. At least, make sure that their experience with you is always the same as it was the first time.

Market Yourself Well

Marketing is a flamboyant way of telling your target audience, how valuable your product or service is. And today, if you do not market yourself well, the world assumes that you are not confident about your business. Hence, it is utmost important to have a smart marketing strategy in place, with effective implementation of the same. Hence, after making sure that your ground work is perfect (the product or service is of great value), market your business. Advertising and PR campaigns, digital marketing and word of mouth publicity, all would help your business gain more visibility. Also, keep revamping your marketing strategies, in order to keep your business in demand, in the long run as well.

Pay Attention To Customer Service

Customers have a way to build an emotional connect with the brand. It is for this reason that we say that customers either love or hate a brand. After you have captured their attention through marketing and given them the initial delivery of services, their expectations are bound to shoot up. This is when you must take care of how well you are serving the customer. Be mindful of how the client is treated when he enters your store, restaurant, parlour etc. Also, if it is an e-commerce store, make sure his experience online is also quite pleasant. The queries from their end must be catered to immediately and actively, on phones and emails. Even your business website should also be user friendly and well navigated. Never let a client feel disrespected or ignored if you wish to sustain him.

Nothing Substitutes Transparency

The clients simply hate it when you persuade them to buy your services, only to bruise their trust, in order to increase your business sale. So be as transparent and honest with your customers, as possible. You might initially jump with joy with the extra bucks you earn, through the so called smart gimmick. However, if you are a visionary and have long term plans, you would realize that it is your loss ultimately. Losing out on good customers and also the potential ones, is not something which a real entrepreneur would choose to do. Also, the quality of the product should be as promised. Make sure that too many hidden costs haven’t been included, which always are a turn off for the customer.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Talking about the beneficial features of your product is a good thing. However, promising more than your capability or expertise, is certainly not recommended. Be frank about the products you do not have, or the services you are incapable of providing at the moment. Misguiding the clients would sabotage your business in ways you cannot even imagine.

Special Offers and Discounts

At frequent intervals, make the clients feel how lucrative it is for them, to be associated with your brand. A little discount or special offers on products, every now and then, would not hurt . Plus, it is a great way of keeping the customers happy. Sometimes, the impression of saving is what matters, rather than the amount of money saved.

Show Professionalism

Make efforts to learn about your customers, their backgrounds, likes and dislikes. You have to be serious about what you do. If your business has a return or money back policy, follow it thoroughly. Do not be enthusiastic to only sell, but also be professional enough to handle any protocol if you must, in case the client is unhappy. Try to fix the issue, instead of indulging into a blame game. Also, make your office and store environment in alignment to the theme of your business.

Be Open to Feedback

A customer feedback form goes a long way in discovering your strengths as well as the areas of improvement. Invest in the same. Gently request the customers to fill in the feedback form, whenever they visit your store or may be online.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

A little personal touch, while dealing with your clients, always makes the bond strong. Keep the database of your customers updated and authentic. Send a flashy and decorative email on their birthdays. Give some special offers only to your old customers, as a reward for their loyalty.