8 Ideas For Decorating Your Home With Wallpaper

If you love the standout character that patterns and prints create for your home, provided below are eight ideas that you can use for your own spaces. Whatever your personal aesthetics may be, you can still be sure to find these suggestions applicable in reinforcing your style and enhancing the beauty of your abode.

1. Reupholster couches and armchairs in complementing patterns.

Introducing matchy-matchy furniture to a room is perhaps the easiest way to create a sense of continuity in interior decor. But interior stylists say that an eye-catching and cohesive visual can be achieved even if furniture pieces come in different patterns and materials.

The key here is to use complementary patterns and colors. For example, stripes and florals can look quite nice if they come in contrasting color combinations. Alternatively, you can use multiple different designs and materials of commercial fabrics that have a unifying color.

Either way, the result is a more creative design that is very pleasing to the eyes.

2. Use small rugs in profusion.

This is a rather old-fashioned practice that really should be used more. Using different small rugs in similar or different designs can provide rooms with a feeling of increased coziness. However, at the same time, they can prevent furniture from moving around easily and scratching the floor.

Country Living Magazine even suggests using these small rugs under stand-alone pieces of furniture such as an ottoman, armchair, or a tall display cabinet. The rug will serve as an anchor as well as a colorful base for the piece.

3. Create a contrast wall.

A contrast wall is like an accent wall, except that its primary purpose is not necessarily to draw people’s eyes towards rooms. Contrast walls are merely meant to create a block in the uniformity of design.

Say, your house’s interior walls are the same color. Cover one wall in a room with a different color, and then use printed wallpaper to break up the monotony in the interior style. This is a way to create a contrasting wall. And to make the contrasting wall an even more logical thing to do, opt for a wallpaper design that complements or can round out other decorative elements in the room.

What you will appreciate with a contrast wall is the way it reduces the need for a lot of wall decor. With it alone, your interior walls automatically look more interesting.

4. Place throws everywhere.

Throws are shawls, blankets, or quilts that everybody can easily use as DIY cushions for seats or as a cover-up. Besides that, they introduce a refreshing pop of color to interior decor.

You can lay these throws on the bed and on the different seating areas inside and outside the house. These are particularly perfect to have lying around during the cold months when people want to have accessible snugglies around the house to keep them warm while reading a book, watching TV, or enjoying a cup of cocoa or tea.

5. Decorate with different sizes, shapes, and patterns of pillows.

Nothing can make a room more inviting than a collection of pillows sitting on couches, armchairs, other types of seating, and even the floor. They add more texture and color to rooms, and they are quite useful, too.

Pillows make great seat substitutes, and people love to hold them. And for children, they make wonderful, imaginative toys. Pillows and throws are perfect for making living room forts for kids.

To prevent collections of pillows from looking like clutter, House & Home interior decorators recommend following the odd number rule. It’s best if the cluster of pillows total to an odd number. It just looks better overall, especially  if the pillows are not on a couple’s bed.

6. Use netting for a delicate canopy bed.

If you want to introduce a bit of drama to your bedrooms, drape netting over the posts of your bed frame, or take the DIY route and attach a circular mosquito net to the ceiling above your beds.

You can purchase soft netting from hobby stores and fabric shops. A lovely thing about this material is that you can use it for a bunch of other projects such as costumes for the kids, bags, and protective covers for garden plants.

7. Create accordion panels.

Accordion panels are nifty accessories for the home. You can set them out to create privacy for certain areas of the house or to introduce a new pattern for the room.

You can easily buy a wooden frame for accordion panels and get creative with the covers. In Japan, they typically use handmade washi paper, which is quite fibrous and doesn’t tear easily. But you can also use luxurious fabrics or wallpaper for the same job. They are even more durable and will last a much longer time in your home.

8. Layer table covers.

And the last idea is to use different fabrics to cover the different tables around your house. Flea Market Magazine raves about layered fabrics on tables because they make tables focal pieces for rooms.

Additionally, there are so many approaches that you can take when layering table covers and decor. You can play around with shapes. Start off with a square piece topped with a round mantle that is anchored in place with a long rectangular runner. But don’t stop here — set out placemats and table napkins, too.

Another styling trick that interior designers and decorators recommend is using a printed and highly durable fabric to cover the table. Keep the fabric in place using tacks or use heavy-duty double-sided tape for a really smooth finish, and then add runners and mats.

There you go — eight great ideas for playing around with different patterns and prints using wallpaper and textiles. There are still more that you can do because you truly are only limited by your imagination. However, for all of these decorating ideas, the key is to use high-quality materials. Make sure to get them from reputable wallpaper and fabric suppliers in the UAE; not only do they have the best performing products on the market, but they boast extensive selections as well.


James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, one of the leading distributors of wallpapers, floorings, and fabrics in the Middle East and South Asia. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.