8 Best Horror Movies Of All Times

Horror movies tend to be monster for most cinema lovers. Full of mistreatment, misunderstandings and subjected to brutal critical attacks, these films keep lumbering forward, and leave a stalk of devastation in its wake. However, horror movies are better in term of being purely focused on evoking a reaction than other genres of films being produced.

There are both mainstream and short horror films that have been critically acclaimed all over the world. While, it is quite impossible to draw together the best horror movies from a long collection, we have tried to list down 8 best films to celebrate the genre.

  1. 2AM-The Smiling Man

With 5 wins and 12 nominations, this short horror film has everything to scare you the most. It comprises a weirdly filmed story that begins with goofy and ends with a quite disturbing creature display.

  1. Bedfellows

I won’t advise you to keep a mobile next to you while you are sleeping in a bed especially after watching this creepy film.  The story is spread over a 15-minute film where you can’t even guess what is going to happen next when the heroine receives a phone call in the middle of the night.

  1. The Jigsaw

Directed by Basil Al-Safar and Rashad Al-Safar, The Jigsaw has a great story to be watched. This short film starts with a purchase of a mysterious jigsaw puzzle and ends up with frightening consequences.

  1. The Mist

Released in 2007, The Mist is the first out-and-out horror film by Darabont that also points the adaption of King’s story about a mystifying fog which has been swamping a small town for years. The Mist is a fiercely modern drama that picks apart the social and political threads held in the country, and also has elements of religious belief, political division and military intervention which make it the most heartbreaking horror film of the decade.

  1. It Follows

Directed by David Robert Mitchell, this is a messy horror movie which has something exclusively enjoyable and unsettling. It Follows has everything that makes you feel painstakingly scared. It’s a story about some supernatural stalkers that will drive you to a new world of horror.

  1. Brain-dead

Peter Jackson’s Brain-dead is a relentless, gleeful and nasty movie of all time. It incorporates malformed moneys, zombie flesh eaters, kung-fu priests to a completely weird story. Brain-dead also has one of the queasiest scenes of the century where different characters of the film are having dinner with an unnatural menu involving spurting blood spurts, dissolving flesh, bowls of claggy rice pudding and human ears.

  1. The Babadook

Directed by Jennifer Kent, The Babadook is a perfect blend of horror and entertainment. The story encircles around Amelia – the leading actress who is stalked by some supernatural creatures. The Babadook overlaps with social realism, and has real horror elements bent on entertainment.

  1. Lights Out

Directed by David Sanberg, Lights Out is a short scary movie to watch during creepy hours of darkness hour. The movie has all the elements to successfully play with your fears of the dark in an empty property.