7 Ways Employee Monitoring Software is Becoming Popular

In the world of growing businesses and entrepreneurs, the use of many productivity tools increased impressively. One of the most popular among them is employee monitoring software. Any company small or big has at least a few employees, their productivity and sheer attentions affect a lot on the growth of the whole company.

Before any employee time tracking software was introduced there were only limited ways to examine an employee’s productivity. And also they were not convincing enough.

Let’s see what are the features that are being provided by this software and why this is used so widely.

Evaluate daily productivity

Before any monitoring software, measuring the month-end productivity of an employee was not an issue. But evaluating daily productivity was more than an issue. The only option was standing behind him and watching what he is been up to all-day. The employee monitoring software did this exact job for employers.

This software event went further with its intelligent reporting and productivity analysis telling them their exact keystroke and mouse click rate.

Prevents data loss/breaches

The developers of this kind of software definitely thought it through. Though every company needs absolute productivity, some organizations require security too. There are many cybersecurity agencies which are providing data security to a certain level. But not all companies can afford them.

In addition to employee time tracking software, real-time monitoring, screen capture, and URL visit help an employer to track down data breaches. A lot of companies have kept their data secured only with time management apps.

Idle time

Even if your employee is logged in on his workstation all-day long, but you don’t have any idea what he’s been up to. This software came with an update of idle time evaluation. What it does that, it combines the ratio of keystrokes, mouse clicks, and the ratio of idle time your employees spent on their workstation. It combines all of this data and evaluates the progress percentage. Which I think is an amazing way to assess one’s productivity.

Remote managerial control

Business owners are busy people and they might have people working for them all over the globe. And they always require updates on their organizations. This software is integrated with employer’s mobile phone too, doesn’t matter if he is sitting in a room beside his employee or in a meeting halfway around the world they can always see employee engagement activities

Overtime Payment

Many employees don’t get what they deserve, even if they working after their dedicated hours. It is sometimes really hard to evaluate their overtime productivity and reward them accordingly. Through time tracking software their overtime is recorded precisely. And it motivates employees to work more if they are being paid fairly.

Abusing software usage

Any manager’s aim is to raise productivity and save the company’s money. Minimizing costs spent on licensed but unnecessary software surely helps to reach the economic goal. Real-time monitoring software shows whether employees use expensive software acquired by their company to heal the productivity gaps.

Instantaneous monitoring

Very few software on the market provides the facility to monitor your employees in real-time. Though this feature is only open to premium clients. But it does provide the icing on the cake. This feature allows the employer to view their employee’s screen at any given time in real-time.

Any employee time tracking software is proven to give a massive boost to every organization’s revenue. By keeping a transparent relation between employee and employer, this software helped a lot in increasing employee productivity to an enormous level.