7 Tips For Planning A Corporate Team-Building Event In Dubai

From team meals out, to escape rooms or scuba diving, or even charter seaplane tours, there is a myriad of possibilities for corporate team-building events. So, how do you choose the right activity and make sure it’s a huge success?

Read on to find out how you can plan the perfect team-building event in Dubai.

Why hold a corporate team-building event?

You can have the most qualified, experienced and talented individuals working for your organization but, if they don’t gel as a team, you are not going to get the results you are looking for. Focusing on building positive relationships, good communication and improved collaboration within your team can have a massive impact on your business.

This is where corporate team building events and away-days come in. Employees get to put their day to day tasks aside and purely focus on the relationships they have with their colleagues. A new environment and fun tasks to complete can shine a light on other skills too. Without the confines of the daily routine, employees can:

  • Learn to work together in different ways.
  • Bond and better mesh as a team.
  • Foster friendships and deepen trust.
  • Have fun and feel rewarded for their efforts in the workplace.
  • Highlight soft skills yet unnoticed by colleagues, like creativity, leading to a more dynamic team upon return to the office.

Successful team building events lead to better team dynamics and improved productivity as well as greater employee job satisfaction and engagement. However, they need to be executed properly. Poorly planned events that are dull, tedious or ill-thought-out can easily have the opposite effect and magnify problems rather than solve them.

Here are 7 tips for making sure your corporate team building event is a huge success:

1. Set a clear aim

A corporate team-building day is an important investment in the growth of your business and you need to see a return on it to make it worthwhile.

While having fun will be a big part of your team-building day, this should not be the ultimate goal. How would you like your organization to change for the better? Improved working relationships? Better employee retention rates? With clear goals in mind, it is far easier to choose a destination and itinerary that suits your budget.

2. Make planning a team effort

Getting a range of informative opinions from your team and delegating some responsibility for organizing the event can be beneficial to making sure your day is a success. If employees feel they have a say in how the day will run, they are more likely to feel positive about the event and approach it in the right mindset.

Pick your event-planning team carefully. You probably have team members who are very sociable and seem like a good fit for this task. However, bringing in people who part of a problem you want to solve or employees who are underperforming or struggling with communication issues can be more beneficial to the success of the event.

3. Choose the right time

Employee engagement with your event will not be high if people feel like they are missing out or losing out on time that needs to be spent elsewhere. Evening or weekend events need careful consideration and need everybody onside.

If you decide to spend a working day on a corporate team event, then be sure that it will not cause headaches with deadlines or workload issues. Choose a date that gives everyone plenty of notice and doesn’t interfere with major projects.

4. Make sure it’s accessible to everyone on the team

Highly-physical activities like watersports or zip lines are high adrenalin and can be really fun… unless you are left sitting on the side by yourself. Be sensitive to all your employees’ physical capabilities and health conditions.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t choose a physical activity; exercise-based activities can have many social and mental health benefits. However, whatever activity you choose make sure that everyone can take part and no-one is left out- this would defeat the purpose.

5. Opt for collaboration over competition

If there’s an element of competition, collaboration will often lose out. Instead, opt for activities where your team needs to work together, or a shared experience to deepen bonds. If you do opt for a competitive activity, pit team against team, rather than individuals competing.

6. Get creative

In Dubai, there really is no excuse for a dull away-day. Choosing an activity at an exciting destination will feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event and can have a momentous impact. Employees feel hugely appreciated which will influence motivation and employee satisfaction. With special events like these, employees are more likely to share the event on social media platforms, which can be great for recruitment and your public profile too.

Here are some ideas for a day that will meet your objectives and won’t be forgotten any time soon:

A seaplane flight

Treat your employees to a different view of the city with a thrilling seaplane tour over Dubai. Seawings operate customizable tours with landing sites to all major hotels. Their in-house team building experts can tailor-make an itinerary and activity schedule that will ensure you meet all your objectives for the day.

A charter yacht

If you have an idea for an indoor team-building activity, why not take it someplace more exciting than the office? By chartering a yacht, your team has all the amenities they need for the day including food and beverages. However, they also get stunning views of the ocean and Dubai’s skyline as a backdrop to onboard activities.

7. Gather feedback

You may feel like your event was a huge success, but be sure to gather feedback from the whole team. Constructive feedback will be really useful when you come to plan your next corporate team-building session.

With these tips and ideas on hand, you’ll now have a clearer idea of how to plan a corporate team building day that will have a huge impact on team relationships, communication, and employee motivation. All you need to do is choose from the amazing range of options in Dubai and then customize the day to suit your team and your objectives.