7 Health Benefits Of Camping On Maine State Parks

Maine’s natural world is unlike any other. With its majestic mountains, glacial lake, and primal forests, it is a sight to behold. That is why Maine State Parks are also considered as striking and unforgettable places for many campers. From the Camden Hills State Park, where they can gaze at the Penobscot Bay and Cadillac Mountain to Mount Blue State Park, which is Maine’s largest state park, it encompasses 8,000 acres and is separated by Webb Lake.

With such breathtaking views, no wonder campers appreciate the health benefits that it brings to them.

Inhale the Fresh Air

In Maine State Parks, you will spend a lot of time near dense forests, which means you will be taking in a lot of cleaner air. In contrast to living in polluted cities, taking a breath of fresh air will do wonders for your health. The extra oxygen that is given to you will release serotonin, which is responsible for your feelings of happiness. Also, with plenty of oxygen, bodies can function with less strain.

Improve Mental Health

As previously mentioned, happy hormones are released when you go camping. Regular campers can attest to the fact that after returning from a trip, they feel more relaxed and happy. Also, spending time outdoors and being exposed to sunlight can even out the melatonin levels in your brain. Melatonin is the chemical responsible for feelings of tiredness and depression.

Be Stress-Free

One of the health benefits of camping in beautiful places like Maine is that it can help reduce stress. Stress happens when you put strains on both your mental and physical faculties. But with camping, you can feel your worries slip away. This is due to the high levels of serotonin and managed levels of melatonin that was previously mentioned.

Get Exercise

This is the most obvious health benefit. Through camping, you’ll be doing many physical activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming. These will help you burn more calories while at the same time enjoying your leisure time. You can admire the wonderful lakes as you go rafting and you’ll be losing a few pounds. It is a win-win situation.

Have a Well-Rested Sleep

Believe it or not, camping will give you the best sleep. With the right camping gear, you’ll be fast asleep in no time after a day full of activities. And with sleep, your body will recharge itself and help enhance your cardiovascular system. Also, campers have stated that after they finish their camping trips, they get better sleep cycles at home.

Go on Meditations

According to Mayo Clinic, meditating can help improve a lot of severe medical conditions. For those who suffer from fatigue, heart disease, or depression, among other things. Research shows that through meditation by camping, it improves your overall health. You will be in tune with yourself more since you won’t be using distracting things such as cell phones or laptops, which could also be the reason for your stress. Just enjoy the tranquility of Maine’s mountains, lakes, and forests.

Eat Healthily

If you are an avid camper, you’ll love fishing and hunting for your food. You can get a lot of protein and other healthy fats if you put your mind to it. You can avoid bringing candies or junk foods for your trip and instead enjoy freshly caught fish that does not have any preservatives or unnatural ingredients.

So, maybe this is the sign that you are looking for, and it is time for you to go camping in one of the Maine State Parks. Aside from the health benefits, it will be a lifetime experience for you and your family and friends!