7 Fashion Trends of 2014

It seems that this year is all about adding some color in your life. 2014 has a lot of pigments from spicy hot pants to shiny metallic and funky graphic prints. People seem to be having some fun with beautiful pastel suits and leather. This year is all about expressing yourself in the boldest and brightest way possible to stand out in the crowd and look chic and fashionable. Here are the top fashion trends of 2014 that are reaching new heights of popularity amongst fashion gods:

1-     Getting Graphic

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Bright color designs have been in development for a while, but they seem to be bursting at the brim this year. Naysayers are being challenged either to go home or be bold. Ladies can make a full-on statement, as long as they have the confidence of changing and moving from the classic little black dresses. However, the graphic trends of this year also enable them to be a bit subtle as they have inhabited tops, scarves and a horde of other accessories.

2-     Lace Up

This trend definitely doesn’t mean that weighed-down and old wedding dresses are being resurrected. Nowadays, lace can be everything; from the romantic to the whimsical to the airy and even a little bit naughty when it takes shape in the form of a spicy red number. Ladylike dresses and suits are being accented with lace and crochet, giving them an elegant and complete look.

3-     Pleat Me

It’s time to get rid of your ironing skills. There doesn’t seem to be any escape from pleats this year, whether you talk about richly colored leather or frilly pastels. Pleated outfits might seem old-fashioned to some, especially when they are seen in drop-waist skirts as they don’t complement shorter torsos, but they give a gentle look. These designs are even showing up on clutches and totes.

4-     Cold Shoulder

The fashion industry has been focused on leggings, jeans, midriffs and minis for years, but now they have gone back to focus on that part of a woman’s body that’s always flattering; shoulders. Cut-outs remained on top in blouses and dresses this year on the runways.

5-     Bum Wrap

Add a little retro sizzle to those hot summer nights with sexy hot pants. This trend isn’t that new, but the fashion trends of this year are simply reminding everyone to have a little bit of fun. The colors, fabrics and flashy patterns are good for everything from a disco roller rink to a pool party.

6-     Sporty Chic

Worn jerseys, tie dye track pants and tennis skirts are all great options to help people in getting the sporty look they are after, but still end up looking good at the same time.

7-     Mighty Metallic

For a while, shimmery tank tops have been giving people some really happy hour looks, but they are only a reflection of what’s actually in store. Shiny skirts and pants, tops in daring and bold shades and even the traditional silver, platinum and gold are ready to help you shine out in 2014.