7 Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Home This Spring

Spring is not just the time for cleaning. It is also the best time to give attention to your home’s needs and to do regular maintenance work. Your home is your shelter. Therefore, it is inevitable that your home’s exterior would eventually be damaged due to the elements and the attack of pests. Even the materials used in the interiors of your home will start to deteriorate with time. To be successfully maintaining your home and to keep it at its fine shape, it is best that you include some maintenance work this spring. Remember that doing repairs early on will prevent you from major repair jobs that usually are costly too.

To guide you, here are the different areas that you may want to check this time

1. Gutters

Gutters would fail at their jobs if they are clogged with various debris. Leaves and branches are the common things that fall into your gutters, so you may want to climb up there and clean that up. At the same time, you may want to cut off some branches from trees where all these debris are coming from. Insects that reside on these trees would also easily transfer to your home if the branches are lying low on your roof. You should also check the downspout. The previous storms may have affected its direction so that water is pouring near your foundation now. Redirect this so that it points away from your foundation walls.

2. Exterior Walls

If your exterior is made of wood finishing, it is vital that you check to see if your last paint job is still intact. Once wood is exposed, it will start to rot and deteriorate. Paint gives it the best protection but daily exposure to sun, wind, and rain will eventually make the paint chip off. You can do a repaint job only on the affected area if you have no budget for the entire exterior walls yet. Try to inspect every inch of your exterior walls too for any signs of pests, such as termites. If left on their own, termites can heavily damage your home, so apply some chemical treatment as early as possible.

3. Lawn

Give a new life to your lawn. Mow the tall grasses so that it does not block the view to your beautiful home. Remove any dried leaves from your lawn because they will hinder the growth new grass. If you have trees and shrubs in your property, it may be time to give them some trimming. Not only will this give your lawn a clean and groomed look, but it also protects your sidings from pests and moisture that may transfer from your plants to your walls. Without knowing it, termites may be burrowing a hole in your walls already, which is why preventing them from getting into your home is still the best step.

4. Air Conditioning Unit

Do not forget that your AC unit needs regular maintenance too. Any clogs in its filter will decrease the machine’s efficiency, which would translate to an increase in energy consumption. You can clean the filters by yourself, but make sure that a technician checks the unit once a year to give it a thorough checkup and a major cleaning.

5. Plumbing

Go around your home and check all pipes and plumbing. There could be leaks that make you waste water unknowingly. Check faucets and pipes in rooms that you seldom use, like the basement. Repairing these leaks will not only generate savings, but it will also prevent further damage on your property caused by being soaked in water constantly.

6. Roof

Most of the people overlook this part of the home because it is way up there. It is time that you get the ladder and inspect the status of your roof. You may have to replace some tiles or seal some leaks. This is very important since the rainy season follows shortly after spring.

7. Windows and Doors

Check for leaks around the edges of your doors and windows. Cold air from inside your home could escape from these, which is why you sometimes have to lower the thermostat setting to cool your homes. The same is true if you are trying to heat your home’s interior. The leaks are also entryways for water during the rainy season, which can lead to mold growth on your walls and other building structure.

Even after spring is over, still see to it that you do a regular inspection of all areas of your home, especially in rooms that you seldom use. Pests, such as rats, termites, mold, and cockroaches, could be breeding there already and causing great damage without your knowledge. Attending to them early on can save you from major problems.