6 Landscaping Ideas For A Family-Friendly Yard | Landscaping

Since the present times call for everyone to limit their activities in public places and to stay home, turning your residence into the perfect spot for the whole family is a must.

Your home needs to be the ideal place for entertainment and recreation. Moreover, it should have an excellent area where the whole family can get some much-needed exercise.

If you have young kids, your home should be a place where they can learn something new, particularly things about the environment and how they can take care of it.

Representatives from a well-established landscaping company in Dubai say that turning your lawn into an ideal outdoor space for recreation, working out, and learning should be your priority if you want your family to love staying at home. When your property has everything they need and love doing, they will enjoy every minute they spend here.

Creating an Outdoor Space That’s Perfect for the Whole Family

If you want to invest in a landscaping project to turn your lawn into an outdoor space your family will love spending time in, take note of these great ideas and tips:

1.     Zones for different purposes

Having a spacious lawn comes with the big advantage of allowing you to create various zones that serve different functions.

The first and most important zone should be an unobstructed area spacious enough for kids and everyone to move around. It should be a place where they can run and play outdoor games.

This zone should also be large enough for the family to engage in sports. It should be an area that you can easily transform into a makeshift volleyball, football, or tennis court, depending on what everyone wants to play.

The other zones should include a garden, a courtyard or outdoor living space, a pool area, and a playground for your kids.

To create these zones, you can choose among hedges, planters, low fences, walkways, and other materials.

Keep in mind that each zone can also serve dual purposes. As such, don’t hesitate to divide your lawns into specific areas.

2.     Strategic location of different zones

Choosing the right location for each zone can make a huge difference in your landscape. Because of this, think carefully about where you should place them or talk this over with your landscaping contractor.

If you have small kids, make sure the lawn and playground are located where you can keep an eye on them. It should be near your house, preferably beside a window or the patio so that you can have an unobstructed view of your little ones when they are playing outdoors.

Additionally, ensure the lawn and playground are not near potential risk hazards. These include trees, strong walls, and fences.

Younger kids should not be able to leave these areas easily and wander into the street. If your property is not fenced, install an additional layer of security, such as a fence and gate for the lawn and playground.

3.     Soft landings

To have a safe and healthy outdoor space for your kids and everyone in your household, ensure that the majority of the area has soft landings.

Natural grass is the best option for your lawn and all the other areas. However, if you want to add texture and visual appeal to your outdoor space, you can use bark chips, sand, and rubber mats in the playground.

These surface options are also best for a fully equipped playground. The soft material provides kids with better cushioning when jumping off from the monkey bars or falling down accidentally.

4.     A child-friendly water feature

If you have younger kids, you also need to think carefully about the features you want to add to your lawn.

Ponds and wishing wells are not recommended for families with toddlers and younger children since they tend to get messy and have accidents. If you want a water feature in your garden or yard, a beautifully designed self-sustaining stream that kids can splash in would be an excellent focal point.

Another fun option would be a splash pad, which is a water feature that is safe for the children.

A swimming pool is another feature worth considering since it can also give everyone in your household, regardless of their age, hours of fun, relaxation, and exercise.

Regardless of the water feature you choose, make sure textured pavers or brushed concrete are used for the flooring material to provide a safe, non-slip surface for children to walk on. If you opt for a pool, have your swimming pool contractor install a pool fence around it and an alarm system as well.

5.     A flower and edible garden

A garden is one of the best features to have in your landscape. Growing and cultivating various plants are fun ways to help kids learn about nature and teach them responsibility.

Make sure you choose child-safe plants for your garden. Keep in mind that not all plants are healthy or safe for kids. Examples of these are calla lilies, daffodils, irises, holly, and prickly varieties such as cactus and thistle.

To add variety to your garden and have fresh produce that you can eat and add to your dishes, plant some vegetables and fruits as well.

A flower and edible garden give kids incredible sensory experiences outdoors. Growing and cultivating them allows your little ones to enhance their tactile and visual senses. When they harvest and taste the produce, you help them develop their sense of smell, taste, and even hearing.

To have a low-maintenance garden, choose plants that are native to your region. For arid areas, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, figs, grapefruits, and limes are great options for an edible garden.

6.     Space for adults

Creating zones in your yard ensures you also have one or two areas that you and the other grown-ups and teenage kids will love spending time in.

A patio or deck is the perfect spot for you to relax in outdoors. Since it is also a living space, you can share meals, cook, and play games in this area.

A lawn and pool are also ideal spots for adults. You can spend time exercising, relaxing, and having fun in these areas by yourself or with your family.

Make sure, though, that when choosing furniture for your patio or entertainment area, go for ones that do not have sharp corners and edges. Select child-safe appliances that are best for outdoor use as well.

With these ideas and tips, and the help of a reputable landscaping company, you can turn your home into the perfect haven — one that can keep the whole family entertained, safe, healthy, and happy.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors, and Civils Division.