5 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Office Space for startups

The physical work environment plays a vital role in influencing customers’ frequency as well as employees’ experience. According to Hassell and Empirica Research, up to 37% of job-seekers are willing to accept a job that offers a low salary if the company provides appealing workplace facilities, culture, and technology.

Chicago is a large and diversified state where millions of employees generate an annual GRP of $609 billion. It is considered to be one of the key players when it comes to economic growth and development.

This is the reason why finding an office space Chicago, to picking the best value for office space investment, is a real challenge. But getting help from Office Finders, together with these five critical tips, will get your business started in this busy state.

What is the Business Culture and Nature?

The primary factor to look at when choosing a suitable office space is the nature of the business. Considering that the workplace environment affects the morale and efficiency of employees, select an office that boosts productivity to increase the employees’ motivation.

A suitable space should be sufficient enough to accommodate the business operations as well as the employees. A startup manufacturing company, for example, should take into consideration the business nature, which required a lot of space for the company’s operation, such as the staffing, pieces of equipment, machines, and storage facilities.

Have preliminary planning on the estimated area before looking for an office space.

How Much Budget is allocated for the Office Space

Creating an initial budget blueprint can help in narrowing down the choices, so evaluate the pricing of each office space and decide whether it is worth every penny. Include in your budget allocation the moving expenses, installation costs, and renovation expenses.

What Type of Office Layout is Desirable?

The office’s layout should show how many pieces of equipment and people will fit in the space. While the office space may look large, it may not accommodate the furniture when arranged according to the office layout. It should provide an ergonomic working environment for the employees.

Which Location is the Most Strategic for the Company?

Office space in Chicago, for instance, is located in the second largest office market in the US and offers the most diversified economies globally. Trust value from the customer and client increases with an office that presents authority and your business name. The office space represents your company’s reputation and image.

Choose a location that has accessibility, traffic flows, and other surrounding amenities your employees would need, such as restaurants.

What Terms are Included in the Lease?

Take extra precautions when signing the lease contract. Read and analyze the terms and conditions presented in the agreement and how they affect the company’s operation. Be aware of the lease contracts that may have hidden fees written in fine print.

Startup entrepreneurs should take their time to choose an office space after evaluating each critical factor while making the company’s culture and image as the primary considerations.