5 Tips for Effective Resume Writing

If you talk to hiring managers and recruiters, you are going to hear about the poorly written resumes that come across their desk rather frequently. Even if the candidate is right for the job, they may end up in the reject pile because their resume lacks the important elements that should have been included. Have you applied to different jobs and not gotten the response you expected? It is possible that your resume has something lacking, which is standing in the way of a good job. You can attract increased interview offers by writing an effective resume. If you follow the tips outlined below, you will be able to ensure your resume doesn’t get eliminated from consideration:

Format your resume properly

Improper formatting can be the death of every resume, regardless of how well-written it is. Managers usually spare 25 seconds on a resume and you want it to get a thorough reading. For this, you need to ensure it is easy to read, not longer than two pages and properly organized. Your job is to make scanning easier instead of complicated. Incorporate clean headings in a logical format and add wide margins. Use italic and bold typeface for guiding the reader’s eye and call attention to important points with bullets.

Highlight achievements rather than job description

Hiring managers are usually looking for applicants who can satisfy a need or solve a problem in their company. How can you be the perfect candidate if you don’t tell them about the problems you have solved in other situations and companies? Don’t tell them what your job was; tell them what you did in it and avoid using generic descriptions. Highlight the benefits of your actions and services to show them how valuable you can be.

Quantify your accomplishments

Using excessive industry jargon and making general claims can be a major mistake on your part when writing your resume. A resume is not your personal bio; it is a document designed to market your strengths and skills to potential employers. You need to highlight specific achievements, which can include providing numbers and figures.

Design your resume for the industry

Those who are applying for jobs in creative fields such as design or advertising have the freedom of giving their resume a theme or a distinctive design. The same cannot be said for others like mechanical engineers. The kind of resume required can vary according to the industry and you need to be aware of that.

As a matter of fact, it can also differ according to the job market. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional resume writing service so your resume has a greater chance of being considered. For instance, if you are applying for a job in Sharjah, Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, you can take advantage of resume writing UAE services as these professionals will know exactly what employers in the country are after.

Writer a ‘career summary’ instead of objective

Those days are gone when you had to write an objective as part of your resume. This is probably because most objectives sound eerily familiar like seeking a challenging and interesting position where I can contribute etc., A ‘career summary’ on the other hand, gives potential employers a brief summary of what you can do and the capabilities you have. You have to spend some time in developing a powerful summary that immediately grabs the attention of the reader and accurately describes you as a solution to their problem.

While you can follow these tips for effective resume writing, hiring a professional service might benefit more in the long run.