5 Tempting Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is considered one of the leading exotic places to visit in the world. This destination is part of the United States and it is preferred many because of its tropical climes. This beautiful island offers a variety of luxuries that cannot be accessed in any part of the world. This is a great place to visit and many people dream and fantasized of visiting the exotic island. Following are some 5 top tempting reasons why you too should consider visiting Hawaii.

1. Public beaches

The beaches in Hawaii are all public. There is no beach that has been privatized. Therefore, you can take your time and relax on the white sands found on the beaches of Hawaii. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery by booking accommodation in one of the properties overlooking the beach. Some popular celebrities like Oprah Winfrey own property in Hawaii.

2. Mauna Kea

This is the second tempting reason why you should consider visiting Hawaii. Although Mount Everest is considered the highest measured from base to peak, the Mauna Kea is in fact the highest mountain the world. This attraction is tempting for those who love mountaineering and hiking. Compared to Mt. Everest, the Mauna Kea is actually two times the height of the Everest measured from its base to the peak. Apparently, part of this mountain is under water and cannot be climbed. The lush Hawaiian greenery offers a great place to take a stroll.

3. The Hula Culture

Hawaii acts as the home of many fascinating traditions. Visitors can enjoy the unique culture of the many tribes found in Hawaii. You can enjoy traditional Hula dance that is often accompanied by chants. The natives have always engaged in these festivities as part of the Hula cultural practices. If you are lucky, you can get a distinct chance of sampling some traditional foods served during the luau festivals. This culture is rich and enjoyable and can be enjoyed at many different visits.

4. The Molokai Island

This island is part of the Hawaiian peninsula which is located close to Maui. This is the traditional leper colony. Leprosy, which was known as an epidemic in the island has since been made extinct from the island making it a leprosy-free island. The island is now a fascinating sociological and historical place to visit. This Island is also home to the highest sea cliff in the world. You can watch the swirling of the Pacific from below the sea cliff.

5. Ultimate privacy

This island is loved by many because of perfect and serene environment that offers ultimate privacy for all visitors. Visiting this exotic island will seclude you from the rest of the world and limit your company to your travel companions and the tribes living on the island. The privacy offered by this island endears it to new spouses away from honeymoon.

Prior to planning your visit, you should ensure that your esta application is duly filled. You will also need to check and ensure that all your travel documents and air ticket are all in place.