5 Simple and Effective Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a task that no one relishes, but it is something you cannot avoid. Obviously, not everyone has hundreds of dollars lying around that they can use for hiring professional cleaners. This means that the task of cleaning your household is left up to you. It is not an option to leave the mess as it is because it will keep on getting worse and eventually you will feel like you are living inside a garbage can. However, you have so many things on your plate and you don’t know how to manage cleaning on top of it. Lucky for you, here are some simple and effective cleaning tips you can use:

1.      Make a schedule

First things first, it is always best to have a schedule for doing different tasks. If you take all of them on in a single day, not only will you be tired, but you may not be able to finish it up in time. Therefore, it is best to divide up the cleaning tasks and do them on different days. For instance, you can have two laundry days for washing all your dirty clothes, bedsheets, linens and other items. You can have a carpet cleaning and dusting day, a kitchen cleaning day and so on. Every time you complete a task, you will be encouraged and happy.

2.      Keep track of what you clean

It is easy to get things mixed up and you may end up doing one thing twice after a couple of days and forgo one task altogether. Therefore, it is best to note down when you did what so you know exactly when you have to do it again to keep your house clean and habitable.

3.      Use the right tools and materials

Learn the tips and tricks for cleaning everything properly. There are plenty of hacks you can use for doing a professional job without hiring one. For instance, rather than using cleaning agents such as detergents or bleach, you can do steam cleaning on your floors and carpets with a steam mop, which disinfects floors by using the heat from steam. Likewise, aluminum foil comes in handy for scrubbing off baked food whereas silver is best cleaned with baking soda. Knowing these little tips ca help you in cleaning quickly and efficiently.

4.      Try for a nightly clean

You can always reserve 10 to 15 minutes before you go to bed for cleaning. In the long run, this can save you a lot of headache because when you do have to clean, you will have less work on your hands. Putting in 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a bad idea as opposed to the hours you will need to work if you let the dust accumulate.

5.      Have a cleaning basket handy

Sometimes, it is not the dust that’s annoying; it is the dozens of oddball items lying on countertops and desks that clutter everything up. When you are on a cleaning binge, keep a basket handy where you can put all this stuff and reduce the mess.