5 New Ways To Improve Your Keyword Search Results

The competition for traffic is at an all time high. You need to ensure that you implement SEO strategies, which will yield high traffic whenever possible. Organic SEO is usually the best kind, because search engines love that. You are more likely to rank higher if you can utilize SEO strategies to bring about such results.

Keywords should be one of your resources if you want to improve your search results. However, you cannot just get way with using one keyword here and there. You now have to utilize long tail keywords as well as associated words if you want a chance to rank on the first page. In other words, if any word associated with your content is used, your keywords should be related to it somehow.

Many ways exist for you to enhance your keyword searches. By thinking outside the box, you will be able to obtain inspiration as far as multiple keywords are concerned. Below are 5 new ways to improve your keywords search results.

1. Know Your Competition

If you did not have any competition with regard to the keywords you use, then being ranked on the first page would become very easy for you. However, you will be competing with multiple sites even if you have a particular niche you want to address. You should therefore take time to learn about your competition. If your competition outranks you, then it must be for a good reason.

If you want to investigate your competition for particular keywords, then use Google and other major search engines to search for information. The first sites that come up are your competition. The organic results you obtain should help you determine the kind of keyword strategy that your competitors are using.

You need to look through the words used in the URL, title, h1, h2, and even h3. You also need to look through the content to find the variations of keywords that are in use. These should serve as your inspiration. You can utilize them in your own content to enhance your search results.

2. Giant Ecommerce Sites

When so many people shop for products from giant ecommerce sites, you can be sure that the sites are using all the right words to snag the potential clients. Sites of this nature, which include Amazon, have used the right organic SEO strategies with regard to keywords. If your content is meant to sell any particular products, then you need to borrow those keywords.

By selecting the first ecommerce entry that shows up on the search list when you input your keywords, you should be on the lookout for the associated words. These include the product name, product description, keywords in the header and sub header, ad names from external sites, customer queries and reviews and other related items customers bought. Use these keywords within your own content to enhance quality web traffic to your site.

3. MetaGlossary.com

MetaGlossary.com offers you the chance to access multiple keywords associated with your original keyword. All you have to do is to access the site, input your term, and view the related terms, which can be quite many.

In order to narrow down the search to more effective keywords, you need to check the definitions of the listed terms until you find those closely related to your original words. You can then use these terms within your own content to improve your search results.

4. Wikipedia: the World’s Dictionary

When people are searching for information about a particular issue, they usually look to Wikipedia first, before going elsewhere. You therefore need to search for your keyword in relation to Wikipedia and see what is listed in the search results.

When you select the first entry, search for relevant terms related to your keyword. These can be found in the URL, title, the first few paragraphs, the content table and related links. you need to find not just singular words but long tail variations which you can then use within your own content. By using words that millions of internet users search for, your rankings will improve greatly.

5. A New Perspective on Google

While there is nothing wrong with using the keyword planner on Google, you need to think outside the box. You should consider inputting your keyword and seeing what options come up on the auto complete drop down list. Those should be your long tail possibilities.

You should also search for your keyword in Google and then look at the alternative links that come up at the bottom of the search list page. Those too should give you a hint on the possible combinations of keywords you can use on your content.

Bottom Line

By implementing creative strategies using existing resources, you can enhance your search results effectively.