5 Great No-Cut Hair Changes To Make

Not everyone is after monthly manicured, exquisitely trimmed and sculptured hairstyles that come off looking the same every day. You might get the urge to make some changes now and then in order to match your hairstyle with your mood. One may want to be grunge, glam or gamine whenever they feel like regardless of the fact that they have long, medium length or short hair. Moreover, you want to do this all without having to go through the process of getting your hair chopped off regularly. If you want to get a different look every once in a while, all you need is a heavy dollop of creativity, healthy hair and a good dose of daredevil spirit to make it happen.

Here are some great no-cut hair changes that you can make to your usual style:


Accessorize Hair

You need to try everything whether it is ribbons, beads, alice bands or clips. Pick up some trendy accessories while you are on your regular trawl of the mall. Stand in front of the mirror and now use these accessories for holding up your artfully untidy hairdo. It’s best to think lateral so you can use some cheap glass stud earrings for glammed-up ribbons. You can add sparkle with butterfly clips or these earrings, which will catch the light and shine.

Classic Elegance

Classic Elegance Hairstyle

Braids have made a return in the hair fashion category and they are already making headlines at all fashion shows being held all over the globe. Coils of braids that are arranged around your head is a perfect option for dealing with long hair and makes you look like a goddess. You can use thin braids for making a perfectly coiffed hairstyle or alternate thick and thin braids and wind them around each other in an intricate design.

Individual Looks

Individual Looks Hairstyle

The perfect solution for short hair includes making dramatic side parts. Apply a firm gel on the hair if you are after achieving a perfect pixie. Blow out your hair after making a side part. Use a brush for smoothing and get staying power and shine by topping the do with some hairspray. You will get a chic and polished result, suited for both day and night.

Color Change

Color Change

It’s time to experiment if you have never made changes to your hair color. Move up the scale slowly with colors that tend to fade in about six washes so you can get an idea about the different looks without having to tearing up your hair. You can go for semi-permanent colors once you have a basic idea and have gained some confidence.

Long Hair

Long Hair Hairstyles

Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow? Extensions can give you the weight, volume and length that you want at a high cost, but it’s quite worth it. You can either go with your existing color or choose a contrasting shade. As long as people take care of them, these extensions can last for about four months.

These no-cut hair changes are ideal when you don’t want to shorn off your existing hair for  a new look.