5 Businesses You Can Start Online Today

If you fancy the challenge of being an entrepreneur, it’s now easier than ever before to start your own business, and you can do it online today. As we can get on the web in the click of a button, setting up your business online is the best way to reach customers and make yourself a living. If you’re keen to get started, here are five online businesses that you could start today.

Web Design

If you’re a creative, and have some experience using software such as the Adobe Creative Suite then you could set yourself up an online web design company today. Every company wants to get themselves on the web nowadays, but many don’t have the time to design their own website or visit a web designer. So many companies are looking for online web design services, where they can reach their designer with an email in a quiet moment and have their website designed fuss free.


Freelancing is becoming one of the most popular ways to get work within a variety of sectors such as writing, design and admin. Companies often find themselves with a large workload but are unable to hire a full time employee, so they look for freelancers as a fuss free way to get work done. The easiest way to find a reliable freelancer is online, so get yourself up and running today.

Reseller Hosting

Wanting to start out in the web hosting industry? Reseller hosting is the perfect online business for you. Host websites for third parties by using the services of a web hosting company like certahosting.co.uk who offer reseller hosting at a very competitive price. This type of online business is well known for its ability to earn you a profit and get you into the industry.


It’s incredibly easy to become an online retailer, if you’re good at making handmade crafts, or have an eye for fashion then this could be the online business for you. Just create yourself a website with some fabulous pictures of the goods that you offer and then get selling. Use social media to widen your customer base and you’ll have orders flying in before you know it.

Virtual Assistant

The perfect online business for if you’re very organised is offering virtual assistant services. Many people in the business world struggle to juggle their work as well as complete simple administration tasks, but unable to afford a personal assistant, they turn to the web to hire a virtual assistant. Get yourself a website set up showing the services you offer and your first client will get in touch.

These are just five online business that you could set up today, if your skillset is different don’t panic because there are many more options for you. It’s so easy to set up and run a business online, and it could even see you ditching the morning commute for a day spent working from home in your pyjamas.