4 Best Android Games in 2018 and Next Year

There is no denying that Android is one of the most popular operating systems in smartphones. A large number of phones sold nowadays are powered by Android and due to this, a plethora of games have been introduced. However, the variety doesn’t mean that all games are of high quality and worth playing. As a matter of fact, there are a considerable number that are considered a waste of time. So, what Android games should you play? Listed below are some of the best Android games in 2018 that you should definitely give a try:

1. Reigns: Game of Thrones

This game follows Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty in combing swipe-based interaction similar to Tinder with kingdom management, but this time a TV show has been fused with it as well. You sit on the Iron Throne as one of the several important character in the series and impose your will on the Seven Kingdoms. As you make decisions by swiping left and right, your fortunes with the army, people, bank and church fluctuate. If you deplete or fill any meter, your reign will come to an end. It has excellent writing, great depth and lots of content.

2. Jydge

This game riffs off Judge Dredd and Robocop as you control the titular law enforcer who has the responsibility of eradicating crime in the city of Edenbyrg. There is a ‘Gavel’, which is basically a huge gun and is used by Jydge for dealing with the bad guys. He mostly stomps about, shoots enemies, pilfers the bling and rescues the unfortunate hostages that are caught in the crossfire. There are tricky challenges that make it one of the best Android games.

3. Pumped BMX 3

Initially, you may get the wrong impression when you play this game. The basic controls and colorful visuals make it seem like a casual attempt at the BMX trials, but the game changes quite rapidly. This sequel is all about becoming a master on the BMX and you will be crushed if you simply try to wing it. You have to learn the course layouts properly as well as the timings as you slowly move up a level. You can give your score a boost with stunts and perform routines that also add to the bottom line.

4. Implosion- Never Lose Hope

In this game, the human race is very close to extinction as their beloved planet Earth has been thoroughly attacked in an alien invasion. Since it’s a video game, the hope of the entire race is on the player and they have to save the world from coming to an end. Fortunately, players have been made capable of doing a lot of damage. The gleaming environment in Implosion are your playground and you can stomp, slash, blast and dash your way through the alien drones. There are boss battles occasionally, which add a lot to the challenge and pace. You unlock new combos and also customize your suit.

Download any of these great games on your Android smartphone and have the time of your life.