4 Benefits of Emoji Use in Email Subject Lines

The success of every business’s email marketing campaigns actually depends on the email open rates. What is the point of having an email campaign in place when your potential clientele doesn’t even bother opening the emails you send? Your marketing efforts are being wasted and you are missing out on major leads. Up until recently, businesses really didn’t have a silver bullet that could help ensure that emails would be opened by the recipients. However, it has been discovered that emojis can play a vital role in boosting email open rates as long as they are used right.

It definitely doesn’t mean that a business should just use all the options on an emoji keyboard and stuff the email with emojis. In fact, that can be a major turn off and can get you marked for the spam list. If you do want to use emojis, you have to use a little bit of finesse to get the results you desire. You have to know your audience and understand their demographics to ensure they will be able to comprehend the emojis. There are hundreds of emojis on an emoji keyboard and each can mean differently to everyone. You have to be cautious about the tone and meaning as you don’t want to come off as unprofessional.

All of this might make emojis sound like a hassle, but the truth is that your business can enjoy a wide array of benefits if it uses emojis in email subject lines correctly. If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the top benefits you will be able to see:

Benefit 1: Increased open rates

The primary reason for using emojis in email subject lines is to get people to open your emails and this is exactly what will happen. Studies have shown that nearly 56% brands that use emojis have seen an increase in their email open rates when they used emojis effectively. They tend to catch the eye of the reader when they are skimming their emails, especially when you use a unique one from the emoji keyboard and they are more inclined to open the email.

Benefit 2: Save space

The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ definitely applies where emojis are concerned. They can save space and give you shorter subject lines, which are more effective, especially with the short attention spans that people have these days.

Benefit 3: Convey personality and emotion

Emojis were created for the purpose of expressing emotions and feelings. Businesses find it difficult to develop and emotional connection with their clients, but emojis can bridge this gap effectively. Hence, a business can show their lighter side with emojis and seem more personable.

Benefit 4: Stand out

With such intense competition out there, you obviously want to stand out and an emoji keyboard can be your weapon to do that. The reasons for a higher open rate of emails is that not many people use emojis so they instantly seem different and tempt people to check them out.