3 Top Tips for Designing Powerful POS Packaging

The key purpose of point of sale packaging is to drive products off the shelves. To achieve this, the POS much attract attention, generate interest and persuade consumers to make the purchase. But how do you accomplish all this in the design? Here are 3 tips that will help set you off on the right track…

1. Communication

Before you jump into any design work, you need to take these points into account:

  • The product’s function
  • The product’s USPs
  • The product’s intended audience
  • The USPs, values and audience of the brand
  • Where the POS will be located
  • The competing POS packaging

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Make sure you do your research and discuss each of these points with your client. If you’re not up to speed with the basic ideas that will feed into the packaging then you risk your designs straying from the objective.

2. Integrate POS and Product Packaging

Point of sale packaging is weak without its associate: product packaging. Even if you are not responsible for the product packaging you must ensure that they work together to display coherent messages, designs and brand assets.

If the product packaging has already been designed then you must take this as your direct inspiration. This is your pallet to work from so make sure your POS ideas correlate.

3. Content

When you get to the design stage for your packaging, keep the following points in mind:


Select a POS shape that will:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Stand out from competing POS packaging
  • Create interest for consumers
  • Enable easy shopping of the product

The shape of your POS packaging will also be guided by the type and amount of products that it will hold. For instance, if the packaging was intended for the display of many different DVD box sets then it would need sections for the easy categorisation of the products. In contrast, if the packaging was intended to hold one flavour of beverage then a dump bin could work well to provide capacity and easy shopping.

To pump-up the power of your POS even further, you could select a shape that:

  • Complements the product, the product’s function or ingredients
  • Reflects the brand values
  • Reflects and delivers the primary advertising message


Imagery that shows a product without its packaging or being used can often prove effective. Indeed, this can even help to generate an emotional response from consumers. For example, an image of a chocolate bar oozing with caramel could stimulate hunger.


Copy is often supplied to designers but it’s likely that you will need to modify this content in order to improve the power of your packaging. As a starting point, make sure the copy includes a benefit for purchasing and a call to action. This will help to create desire for the product and to persuade consumers to follow through with a purchase.

Besides this, any copy included on the design needs to be clear and simple. Long, drawn-out sentences must certainly be avoided and there should only be one message per POS.

Colour and Graphics

Brand and product packaging might limit how much personal creativity you can inject into your designs but you must still think about how you can use these assets to generate the most impact. Always use:

  • Contrasting colours
  • Bold, large fonts
  • Varied layouts
  • Divers text sizes and positions

and remember, always aim to make a statement.

You have the power: design POS packaging that drives sales and you’ll gain loyal clients. Discover more at www.phlaminators.com.