3 Things You Should Know From Your Hosting Provider

A web-hosting provider is the key to your online success and most importantly, the answer to creating an online presence. In a number of cases, the hosting providers offer their hosting services seamlessly, but clients end up feeling short-changed or ripped off at the end of the deal. This also means that as a potential customer it would only be prudent to know what you would be getting especially after being offered great hosting services almost on a silver platter. So some of things you should know from your hosting provider are as follows:

1. Features offered in Hosting Packages

Assuming you are getting hosting services free or you are paying a minimal fee for basic hosting then it would only be wise to know what you will be getting in return. There are a few services that should be available regardless of the package you choose. One of the main services in includes allocated web space and bandwidth. Some services providers are willing to offer you up to 32GB RAM for each server and at least, 1500MB of Webspace for each client. As much as this is a good deal the features will be inclusive of other services such as website support features such as auto response, MySQL, Ecommerce Option, or IMAP and other features that should play an important role in online networking.

2. Support Features

This normally refers to offering other types of support services that would be crucial to the running of your website. If a hosting provider, offers technical support 24/7 then that means that in case you notice that your website is not running smoothly, takes time to load, or your customers get the 404 error then you should get assistance at least within a 24-hour period. There are many ways of making sure that your website is running smoothly but in most cases, technical support should be able to sort you out.

Then you may also want a 24/7 customer support in case you have any inquiries on what you need to do or what you would like done. This may also imply that you need to get to know more about your hosting customer support especially from clients who have worked with the provider before. Customer reviews

3. The Reputation of the company

A name or word on what a company is all about say a lot about your future with the company. For instance, a company that has received numerous reviews with an overall rating of 4 to 5/5 means you should be safe. On the other hand, a good company will also have a good word with BBB. This means that if you are not sure about your service provider consider getting their customer reviews.

There are many aspects to think about before deciding on your ideal hosting provider. If you have a list of two consider one or two more and then make your comparisons in terms of pricing and overall services you are getting. Some may offer more services but like a practical driving test take time to test their services and see how reputable they are.