What Products Can I Put in My Mylar Bags & Roll Stock Packaging?

Mylar bags and roll stock are a popular trend in packaging. Whether you’re looking for custom designs or reliable food protection, find out what you can put in your mylar bags and why they’re becoming leading in packaging. Order custom printed child-resistant mylar bags today to safely store these and other products. Find out the benefits of storing these products in mylar and create custom designs to promote your brand.

Dried Food

Mylar is an excellent material that offers a high barrier. This means that it blocks moisture, light, contaminants, and oxygen. Extend the shelf life of your dried products using a mylar bag. Lack of oxygen promotes safe storage and reduces the risk of mold and other oxygen- and moisture-related issues.

Mylar bags can also feature a zipper for easy closing. A the resealable package allows your customers to enjoy your product over the course of multiple days, rather than only enjoying dry products for a single day. Resealing the package restores the oxygen, light and moisture seal, so it helps keep your products fresh.

Mylar also provides an odor barrier. This means that odors won’t come off other products and affect your dried food. Allow your customers to safely store onions, garlic, and other strong-smelling foods near your dried food packaging without worrying about passing odors and tastes.

Vitamins and Supplements

Supplements are another great item to store in a mylar bag. Fully recyclable packaging gives your customers peace of mind as they take their daily supplements and vitamins.

A recyclable container is an eco-friendly alternative. Mylar bags and roll stock packaging can be recycled, so your customers don’t need to worry about their carbon footprint as they take your supplements.

Mylar bags are also cost-effective solutions. Compared to plastic bottles and glass jars, mylar packaging costs less to ship and store, particularly when empty. An empty plastic bottle requires the same amount of storage space as a full one, but mylar packaging can be sent to your location in a flat, small package before being opened and filled.


Choose packaging that’s certified as child-resistant for your medication. A child-resistant opening prevents accidental medication use by small children. Offer child-friendly packaging for medicinal products that should be taken in small amounts or that aren’t suitable for children.

Mylar bags allow you to customize your container to fit your product needs. Whether you need a zipper, child-safe opening, or roll stock for your products, you can completely customize the package to fit your brand. Include all the necessary warnings and clearly label your medicinal products to keep your customers safe and well informed. Custom packaging also allows you to create short-run and promotional products.

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