5 Things New Dog Owners Need

Getting a pet, any type of pet is possibly one of the most exciting things for anyone who loves animals. In that situation of excitement, it can be difficult to keep your head straight and make sure you have everything that your four-legged companion needs to make him or her feel at home.

This guide will give a good glimpse into the five basic needs for any dog owner to get you off to a good start. You can add more things as you go along too. So, what are these basic yet essential items? Let’s take a look.

1. Comfortable Collars and Leads. As much as we don’t enjoy putting our dogs of leads, it is regulation to do so, especially when taking your canine out for a walk in a public vicinity such as a park, where there will be other pet owners and their dogs. They tend to get just as excited as we do when we go out for a walk, so make sure you invest in a comfortable yet sturdy lead that won’t break or slip out of your hands too easily.

Having a clip lock will also enhance the comfort by not forcing the lead through his head but instead by clipping it on from the side, and taking it off with ease as well.

2. Travelling Cage or Car Harness. If you’re a car owner and will be taking the mutt to the park or elsewhere in the car, make sure you have a harness to keep him in the back or front seat in case a door opens he doesn’t run out onto a busy street. A crate could ideally be provided as well, for when you’re traveling and have luggage packed in the back seat, you need to give the pooch some space too. Instead of him being squashed, the cage will provide it with some comfort and safety of its own.

Another addition is to keep a bowl and extra water and fresh treats in your car at all times. You may never know which situation you end up in, for instance, manic traffic that will prologue your commute times, and your canine in the back seat can get restless.

If you have a bicycle, you can purchase a sturdy basket to put your little guy inside and take him along for the ride. Lots of people do it and its fun, plus you get a variety of different shapes and colors too here is just one example petdogpals.com

3. A Comfortable Bed. A comfortable bed is essential as well. If we won’t sleep in it, don’t get it for your furry companion either. We’re not saying get a bed-sized sleeping mattress for him, but rather make sure it is comfortable and big enough for the dog to fit on or in it.

Don’t forget, he/she will grow, especially if it still a puppy, so get a size or two bigger to make sure it adjusts to it with time. It is also a good idea to buy two of the same machine-washable items, so when you’re washing the one, he can use the other. Some materials are also better than others such as natural cotton or sheepskin and non-allergic types.

4. Shampoos and Toys. Although these two don’t fit in the same category, we thought we would add them here together anyways because both can be bought at the pet store. A good shampoo can do wonders for your mutt. Just like we would use the right shampoo for our hair, much in the same way dogs have different types too.

Point to note is, you only need to bath it once a month unless you going swimming in the river or he has been in mud frequently. When he is wet, make sure you towel dry him immediately. Something to drop here as well is to pick up some, canine toothpaste, and give those nasties a good scrub once in a while.

Toys are an important part of a dog’s life, and we recommend choosing a few different ones. Besides the fact that it will keep him away from chewing your belongings, it also helps them relax, stay active, and keep distracted. Make sure the top is bigger than his head, so he does not accidentally choke on it or swallow it.

5. Equipment for Grooming. A very important part of any responsible pet owners’ days comprises of grooming their guy. Dogs that have short coats tend to need regular grooming. When dogs go through their normal moulting or hair shedding phase, they tend to get hair on everything, even in your mouth. To avoid this from happening one needs to brush their pet at least once a day with a dog brush which also gives them a nice massage, it’s a win-win.

Even dogs with long hair need a gentle brush every few days to remove knots and loose hair. A short-bristled pet brush will do the trick. Ares on the hound’s body that tends to have loose hair is usually behind the ears, under the feet and in between his toes too. Make sure you cover all areas including back and front of their legs and their tail.

Sometimes a trim can help too. But make sure you use scissors that have a rounded front, so you don’t accidentally pinch or poke your poodle. If you’re not confident of doing a good job, take him to the groomers who will do it for you and it will save you weeks of hair shedding or having to go back.