The Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets with Dementia

Are you an owner of a senior pet? Then, your heart certainly aches upon noticing the inevitable signs of your companion getting older. Although most of these signs are completely normal, sometimes they might indicate a severe disease like dementia.

This condition is otherwise known as canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) or cognitive dysfunction syndrome in felines, as it refers to cognitive and memory decline, even a lack of spatial perception.

Nevertheless, CBD oil may prove to be highly beneficial in its treatment, helping your pet to preserve its memory, focus, and vigor.

These are the crucial benefits of using cannabidiol in the fight with dementia.

Common symptoms of dementia

Dementia in pets is characterized by a series of symptoms, being manifested in behavioral changes that gradually become worse. For example, both canines and felines are susceptible to experiencing disorientation, spending most of their time pointlessly wandering around the house. They’re also likely to get stuck behind sofas or under tables, due to their lack of spatial perception. You’ll probably get the impression that your companion is entering your house for the first time.

Another common symptom is changes in your pet’s social interaction with both humans and other animals. Although cats adore cuddling and dogs enjoy being taken for a walk, it won’t be surprising if your pet becomes reluctant towards these activities. Actually, it’s likely to show no interest in you or any of its dearest hobbies. Since CBD is known for improving mood, you should visit the website that provides a variety of CBD products in order to choose one for your companion.

The change in canines or felines’ soiling habits is an obvious sign of dementia. Typically, dogs commence urinating inside the house, instead of going outdoors, as being trained. Conversely, cats stop using their litter boxes and start urinating elsewhere.

Moreover, pets suffering from cognitive dysfunction are prone to disruptions of their sleeping cycles. Therefore, your companion might spend the whole day sleeping in its corner, but wake up just in time for its regular night sleep. Consequently, it’ll start pacing around, disturbing your own sleep cycle.

Additionally, it’s common for animals to become belligerent towards visitors, family members, even their owners. This aggressive behavior originates from their constant confusion, fear, and anxiety, as they gradually forget the people and objects surrounding them.

Furthermore, the persistent staring into walls or into a particular spot might be an indicator of cognitive dysfunction. Although this symptom may be a sign of loneliness, it’s undoubtedly typical for senior animals. Visit the following link:, to check out more signs of your pet getting dementia.

The benefits of CBD oil

The most common methods of treatment for this medical condition are various medications and supplements, as well as subjecting your furry friend to a behavioral therapy. Anyhow, CBD oil has proven to be more effective than these methods, owing to its wide range of benefits.

For instance, by affecting the function of the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil has an indirect effect on neuroinflammation and neurogenesis. By employing its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol reduces neurons’ inflammation, thus preserving memory and focus.

In addition, CBD oil plays a major role in stimulating neurogenesis, the process of formation of new brain cells. By promoting the growth of neurons, cannabidiol is automatically preventing neurodegeneration, which refers to brain cells loss.

Also, this remedy is incredibly beneficial for reducing aggression and anxiety. Its ability to stimulate serotonin secretion leads to greater calmness, reduced anxiety, as well as boosted mood. Additionally, its role in the stimulation of glutamine production results in clearer mind and greater focus.


In spite of its numerous benefits, cannabidiol can’t cure dementia, but it can certainly help your pet live its senior years decently. Make sure you consult your veterinarian so as to determine the stage of the condition.

Consequently, the dosage will be determined based on the vet’s opinion and the animal’s weight. The most efficient forms of cannabidiol for this condition would be tinctures and capsules, due to their strong effect.

Wrap up

CBD oil might be the only chance for your companion to enjoy its senior years.

Go for it!